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Designer Wallpaper


Make your house a home with wall art designer wallpaper. Complete a room effortlessly with repeating patterns on bold pattern wallpaper designed by our #ContradoCreatives. We have designer wallpaper for walls in your home office, bedrooms and lounges, from bold graphic-style prints to warm and exotic climbing flowers. Whatever your desired style, we have designs to revamp every room. See every space in color when you shop our artist-designed designer wallpaper.



    The best homes benefit from a wall art wallpaper and pattern wallpaper transformation, and you’ll find plenty of designs in our artist collection to breathe life into every room. Choose a print that best reflects your own unique tastes and home decor. If you’re someone that is inspired by nature, we have stunning designer wallpaper that evokes the wonders of the great outdoors. Whether your preference is bold florals or relaxing landscapes, our nature-inspired prints will keep your interiors feeling at one with nature. You could even hang our designer wallpaper on the walls of your hallways leading to your back garden.   

    Identify the space you’d like to swathe with pattern wallpaper and consider the wall's size and function. We have a wide range of artist wallpaper for walls all over the home printed in various styles and colors. You could even create a mood board to help you visualize. Whatever look you choose, let our artist-designed pattern wallpaper be the life and soul of any room it graces.     

    The best thing: our premium printing method allows the colors to vibrate off your walls. Experience this for yourself when you shop designer wallpaper for walls in need of a bright makeover.


    Our designer wallpaper makes a statement, but more importantly, they’re printed with dreamy photos and art. Why not create a feature wall? Rather than choosing artist wallpaper for walls in your entire living room, printing rolls of patterned wallpaper in a single spot is a great way to add pattern and style without worrying about overwhelming the space.     

    The best way to decorate your feature wall is to fill it with art stories that inspire you. So when you’ve ordered the wall art wallpaper you picture taking over your walls, and we’ve delivered it fast to your door, hang it up and frame some of our artist-designed canvases to accent the room. It’s a fact that wall art wallpaper is to pattern wallpaper what coffee is to mornings: not to be missed. 

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