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what is circular fashion

So, what is circular fashion? Put very simply, circular fashion a concept. It is a model for sustainable change within the fashion industry. For more information on sustainable fashion, check out our post on that here. A circular fashion approach would see your clothing have a circular fashion life cycle, rather than a linear one. […]

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best fabric for face masks

With face masks becoming the latest accessory for traveling, shopping, or running errands, why not try sewing your own? There is a huge range of face mask tutorials online which will allow you to sew your own face masks. You could even make a batch for all your family. Obviously, a face mask needs to […]

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how to stop glasses from fogging

In the age of face masks, everyone is facing a problem that has plagued surgeons and medical workers for decades: foggy glasses. It’s a seemingly impossible issue to fix, even with the countless articles of tips and advice. You always end up with the same methods. Ever wonder how to stop glasses from fogging that […]

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what is denim

What is Denim and what is it made from? Denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric, generally used to make garments such as jeans, overalls, and other clothing. Denim is typically blue in color but can have a multitude of different finishes such as being stonewashed, striped, faded, napped, and indigo. Today it is often […]

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what is a seam

Previously, we have learned about the origins, compositions, and uses of different kinds of fabrics. When talking about fabrics, you’ve almost certainly come across the term ‘seam’. How many times have we sighed in frustration when the ‘seam comes undone’ in our favorite top? Well, today we are going to learn a bit more about […]

For Artists

Picture this: you’re an artist. An expert at your craft. You’ve put hours into improving your skills. You discover print-on-demand companies and realize you can make a profit off your passion. You start your research, but you’re not sure where to land. Zazzle is a common choice for designers who are just starting out. The […]

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what does bespoke mean

One of the things that we at Contrado pride ourselves in is that we make bespoke products. But what does bespoke mean? Over time it has become to mean something very different than it was originally intended to. So it’s pretty unsurprising that people aren’t necessarily able to provide a definition when asked. We live by […]

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what is nylon

What is Nylon? We all use umbrellas, stockings, socks, toothbrushes in our day to day lives. Most of us have also come across the term ‘nylon’ at some point or another. But have you ever stopped to consider what is nylon? How can one material be plastic like bristles and pliable like a pair of […]

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what is sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is becoming more and more popular. It is a form of digital printing that uses a specialized paper. There are many pros and cons of sublimation printing, but overall it is clear to see why it’s gaining so much traction. So, what is sublimation printing? The Sublimation Process Sublimation is a chemical process. […]

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Since its inception, dropshipping has made it easy for entrepreneurs to open businesses worldwide. If you can write a product description and have basic design skills, you can set up a fantastic website and start selling. The only issue is, once you have a store, how do you get the word out? How do you […]