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When you’re starting a brand, you might fall into one of two categories: either you came up with a brilliant name for your brand right away, or you have a list of ideas but just can’t seem to find the right one. If you’re reading this, you probably fall into the latter group. No worries! […]

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When creating art, the colors you select are a crucial part of the process. Though we may not realize it, when it comes to color selection there are no accidents. Color theory is the practical guide to mixing and selecting colors. It is where science collides with art, explaining how humans perceive colors and the […]

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Want to make your own clothes but aren’t sure where to begin? We get it, sewing can be confusing. But we have scoured the internet for you and contacted some real-life dressmakers to ask them what the one thing that they wish they had known when they were starting out was. That’s right, we’ve searched […]

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Back in the day, Instagram was a platform for posting over-edited photos of this week’s takeout or your dog lying on the sofa. Now, Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. The social media platform has also become an eCommerce hub, with tons of small and large businesses competing for those users. So […]

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Yes, we’ve all heard the term “starving artist,” but we want you to be able to sell your art and eat like a king. When you’re starting out, knowing how much to charge for art is a balance. You want to make money and you want people to think your price is reasonable. Pricing your […]

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Protecting your art is vital. When you have put your all into the process, the last thing you want is for all your hard work to be taken away from you and claimed by someone else. From formulating the idea, selecting the perfect color scheme, and creating the art itself, a lot goes into perfecting […]

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Congratulations – you just sold your first painting! Now, all that’s left is to package and ship it to your customer. However, where do you begin? What’s the best way to do this? And how can you keep prices low when shipping artwork? Not to worry! We’ll show you the various factors you need to […]

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When looking at fabrics, you’ll notice that the majority of them are split into two types. These are usually either poly fabrics or natural fabrics. Poly fabrics are – put simply – manmade. They are synthetic materials that we make for a specific use. For more information on that please see our blog post on […]

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bamboo fabric

When it comes to custom printed fabric, there is a huge selection available. From man-made textiles to natural fibers, from organic crops to manufactured yarns; the choice can be overwhelming. Some fabrics have their advantages, but is it always as simple as that? Here, we are looking at bamboo jersey; a fabric that seems to […]

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Having a creative business is the embodiment of loving what you do. However, with so many product options to design and sell, it can start to feel overwhelming. We know the feeling, so to keep your creative job enjoyable, we make our design interface as efficient as possible. With our immersive previews and Product Mockup […]