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sell pattern designs online

Patterns have become all the rage recently. Gone are the days where classic patterns were reserved for curtains and carpets; now that ‘retro’ is one of the newest trends, what a time to be alive for those pattern designers out there. But how do you get set up to sell pattern designs online? Jump on […]

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how to brand my own products

Building a high-quality brand identity is just as important as providing your customer high-quality products. Think about your preferred brands and what makes them your favorite? You’ll often find it’s not always just the product itself, but the whole experience of buying something from them. Presenting your brand to your customers is much more than […]

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how to write an artist bio

Part of being an artist – or a creative in any field – is self-promotion. And if you are looking to make being an artist your full-time career, self-promotion is incredibly important. While your art will obviously speak for itself when seen, there are a few other things that you will need to help you […]

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how to print a logo on fabric

Adding your logo to things can make it instantly recognizable as yours. If you’re trying to build your very own product empire then you need to know how to print a logo on fabric while keeping the variety in your range that you intended. How to Transfer a Logo Onto Fabric So we now know […]

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what is muslin

What is muslin? Muslin is a cotton fabric that is made with a plain weave. Made from a wide range of weights, the fabric is woven layer by layer, producing a very distinctive pattern. It is believed that the name muslin comes from the fact that Europeans believed the fabric originated in Iraq. It comes […]

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how to take measurements

Taking accurate body measurements is the only way to ensure that your clothes fit properly and comfortably – and size charts can be your best friend when it comes to ensuring your new clothes look and feel great. Whether you are looking at making your own clothing or you want to ensure that the clothes you […]

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what is egyptian cotton

Cotton is one of the most common fabrics known to mankind. It is safe to assume that we all have cotton in some form or the other, be it garments, accessories, or home furnishings. Surely, you’ve come across the term ‘Egyptian cotton’ while browsing for cotton-based products on the net or in stores. But do […]

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how to sell merch

So, you’ve worked hard to establish a brand and produce valuable content and services your audience love, but they want more. The natural next step for many in this situation is to sell merch. But… How do you actually sell merch? And can you learn how to sell merchandise with your market & resources taken […]

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what is circular fashion

So, what is circular fashion? Put very simply, circular fashion a concept. It is a model for sustainable change within the fashion industry. For more information on sustainable fashion, check out our post on that here. A circular fashion approach would see your clothing have a circular fashion life cycle, rather than a linear one. […]

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creating logo merchandise

Calling all small businesses! Are you ready to take the leap and start selling logo merchandise? It can be overwhelming to know where to start, especially if you have no design or eCommerce experience. We will be your guide in all things logo merchandise, from selecting products to designing and everything in between. Below, we […]