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make a repeat pattern

It’s great putting your own art onto fabrics and products. Especially when you have a piece that is just perfect for the item in question. But what about those smaller pieces you have? Those little doodles, the simplistic yet still just as stunning pieces. Often, the perfect place for these is within a pattern. Find […]

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You may have seen our blog post on Scanning Artwork to Print. It was packed full of hints and tips on how to choose the right scanner, resolution and file format. But what if you already have a scanner that prints in super-fantastic quality, yet only in letter-sized. You also have the perfect painting that would […]

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print photos on leather

For some time now with Contrado, you’ve been able to print your designs, artwork and illustrations onto a selection of fabrics, clothing and products. Now we are here to introduce you to printing photos on leather. Leather is a great material for your designs, but also it is a totally unique way to display your […]

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twitter paid advertising

Do you own a small business? Luckily for you, in the age of social media, your business has the chance to expand through any platform. As you may already know, Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites to get your message across in a way that fits your needs. In this blog post, […]

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what are espadrilles

Most fashionistas have probably heard the word “espadrilles” plenty of times, but what is the first thing you think of when you hear “espadrilles”? The most commonly known answer is a woman’s heel made with a woven or braided sole. Yes, this is a somewhat accurate description of a type of espadrille, but not entirely […]

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conversion rate

So, you’ve got a Shopify store, the website looks good, product pages are functioning, ads are running, and sales are… Okay. Not bad, but they could be better. How do you do that, though?  If you’re looking to boost your Shopify sales, you’ll need to know about this thing called a conversion rate, and how […]

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trench coat history

From one of the most iconic pieces of military uniform to one of the most iconic pieces in fashion; the trench coat is so much more than an accessory. Trench coat history dates back over 150 years, and we are going to delve deeper into the folds of this stylish and essential piece of outerwear. […]

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mini skirt history

A History of the Miniskirt  The iconic miniskirt history is anything but short and sweet, with rebellion, sex, and sixties hedonism at its core. Hitched-up hemlines can date back as far 4700BC, but the miniskirt we know and love today was born out of a youth culture movement that strived to deviate from the repressed post-war […]

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start your wholesale business

So, you have your great idea. The one. The plan that will make you your millions. Now what? How do you get started? What should you be aware of? What do you need to look out for? It can be a daunting time trying to turn your dreams into a reality, so we’ve pulled together […]

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printful vs contrado

We’re always looking to increase our offering and in doing so we like to listen to what you guys have to say. Many of you said you wanted to be able to integrate your Contrado store with Shopify, and we are proud to say that we delivered! You can connect the two together in just […]