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Cornish-Bajan artist Joanne Reed collaborates with us to bring you the House of Contrado Bohemian Wanderlust collection. She believes in transporting people with her designs in their studio to the rich flora, animals and tropical gardens of her Bajan home. Surrounding fellow art-lovers with the magical exotic orchids and wildlife printed fabrics that each tell […]

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In our House of Contrado series, we’re debuting our very own in-house artist designs in collections designed to breathe fresh life to your interiors. In the series, we’ll be introducing our Bohemian Wanderlust collection, where we’ve handpicked designer items that hold only the most vivid, emotional stories to inspire a fresh face for your art […]

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We’re partnering with mixed-media artist Mike Thebridge to bring you the Art for Ukraine collection – a moving response to the Russian invasion. We’re donating all profit from the Ukraine art collection to the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund; a brilliant Ukraine charity that supports Ukrainian artists who have relocated abroad or remain in Ukraine and urgently […]

For Artists

We collaborated with Bloom Art Gallery designer Julie Coste to give you our latest House of Contrado collection, Sicilian Radiance. She got inspired in the heat of summer to create a collection that captures all that she’s so often admired during her travels. It’s all about inviting the vibrancy of nature into your space. A lighthearted space […]

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We collaborated with Italian artist Simone Biffi from Doroteo Design to give you our new Limitless collection. Simone’s mission: to give that tragically colorless home, office space or atelier a glow-up. The way he sees it: the world’s crying out for some more beauty, and he’s doing his part in bringing home nature, bold patterns, and prints.    […]

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Limitless is introducing maximalist prints, silky looks, and bright floral pieces. When our high-quality and sustainable fabrics are in your home, you can finally trust yourself to get that lie-in on at the end of the workweek. And while everything drips luxury in our new collection, there’s something very down-to-earth about it too. Like maybe […]

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With a new month comes a chance to meet another group of super talented Contrado Creatives. These are the artists who make up our online marketplace, filling it with must-have products, original designs, and a lot of color and character. Several months from launching the marketplace, it is filled with a plethora of talent and […]

Industry News

The third week in April is Fashion Revolution Week, an initiative that encourages people to question the origins of their clothes and stand up against child exploitation. The sad reason behind this cause is unfortunately there are still brands that take advantage of unethical child labor laws (mainly) in Asia. Garments are made that come […]

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At Contrado, we strive for sustainability, opting for eco-friendly materials and practices wherever possible. That’s why we try to reduce our impact on the environment. One way is by decreasing waste, recycling, or re-using leftover textiles. We’re now offering fabric remnants to anyone who wants them, with scraps of everything from fleece to silk to […]