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Serial Number Revealed: How Old Is My Singer Sewing Machine?

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Singer sewing machines have a long and rich history, dating as far back as 1851. These beautiful machines have evolved over the years but are still standing the test of time, with some of the older models being highly sought after by collectors and sewing enthusiasts. If you’ve nabbed one of these beautiful bargains at a local market, auction or garage sale, it’s worth identifying the age and model of your machine to see if you’ve managed to pick up a rare antique.

Whether you want to pick up one of your own older models because you love the history, aesthetics or nostalgia of the piece, they’re easily still found on the market if you know what you’re looking for. So, how old is my Singer sewing machine? To identify when a model was made, you need to first find the Singer sewing machine serial number. The number can be found near the on/off switch on newer machines, and on the front panel or on a small plate on older machines.

Once you’ve found the number, match it to the date in our chart to discover the age of your machine

thread singer sewing machine

Why do Singer’s have Serial Numbers?

Singer’s have always been marked with serial numbers ever since production began, with each number corresponding to a model from a certain date, and even location. All Singer sewing machines up until 1900 have no letter prefix and came from all around the world. The Singer company eventually managed their production from all their factories to match up with the serial number flow.

How to choose a valuable model

The first thing to look for if you’re after a collector’s Singer machine is the age of the item. Over 100 years old is considered an antique, and younger than that is ‘vintage’. By matching the serial number to the corresponding date, you can determine the exact age of the machine.

Quality also plays an important part in the value of the model. As expected, high quality, functioning machines are more sought after than damaged ones and tend to be a better option. Machines that don’t function at all may not be worth collecting, but if you find a damaged machine that can be repaired with new parts it may still be a worthwhile purchase.

From a collector’s viewpoint, there is a select amount that is valuable enough to be classed as real collectors’ items. This includes any of the machines that come with their own table, blacksides which have a black instead of the polished finish, and the vintage 221 and 222 Featherweight models. These rare models can go for around $600 or even more if they’re in perfect working order.

The History of Singer

The Singer brand is synonymous with being the best in the business.  After opening a local factory in Glasgow, in 1867, the machines were flying off the shelves. Popularity only grew and factories opened worldwide. By World War 2, the Singers were actually producing guns and bullets as a priority to sewing machines – which they only continued making in their spare time. Isaac Singer was the founder of the company and was the first to create treadle powered, belt powdered and eventually electricity-powered machines. Isaac Singer boasts a unique story as detailed here, and was a pioneer of the sewing industry. Funnily enough, with an ‘enthusiastic’ approach to women, Isaac even hired female demonstrators to disprove any ideas that women were too incompetent to work a machine. This enthusiastic approach to women continued into his private life, where he had a total of 24 children!

how old is my singer sewing machine

Designs Throughout The Years

Singer treadle sewing machines are one of the most popular Singer antiques and are still regularly found in auctions and antique dealers today. These older machines were made of heavy-duty components and replaceable parts so they are still used, and are incredibly long-lasting. A treadle machine is one powered by a foot pedal and runs mechanically by the user pushing back and forth on the pedal. A reliable, eco-friendly machine, many sewers still prefer to use this type of model today.

The design has naturally changed over the years with advances in technology. Electric motors and bolt-on lights were introduced to the machines in 1921, and the treadle tables gradually faded away to chunky box bottoms in the 1930s. The use of new materials throughout the 20th century made the design sleeker and lighter and allowed for new functions to be introduced.

Today’s Singers

Today’s machine can cost from as little as $100 up to $1600, depending on the functions and type of machine. But why is Singer so popular? One of the reasons is not only due to the rich history, but the fact that they cater to all sewing needs. Singer has a reputation for creating innovative machines and was the first to ever introduce electric, zigzag and electronic machines that were targeted to the home sewing market. Affordable machines with a multitude of features that are readily available are just some of the reasons they’re likely the most popular brand out there.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, want an electronic or a mechanical machine, work with embroidery or patchwork, there’s something for everyone. Every model has a unique range of useful functions such as automatic needle threaders and even LCD screens, which is part of what makes the brand the go-to for sewers.

singer sewing machine foot

How old is your new (old) Singer machine? Don’t forget to match it to our chart and discover its age!

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  • I have a Singer sewing machine. I would like to find someone who can make use of it. Its an 1877 model has a foot pedal and light, sits on a metal plate in the middle of a wooden square that opens underneath as its lifts…. The first photo of this information I received from your post is duplicate to the one I have. Please reply if you have any info on what I can do ….. Thanks —great info—

    • Hi Farah! How cool that you own one of these groundbreaking machines!! Consider contacting vintage stores to see if they’ll give you a proper price, or look for an online sewing community that understands the value of a Singer. As long as your buyer understands how coveted & rare these machines are, I think you’re good to go! Best of luck to you!

      • Hi Kaity………….I just found a singer sewing machine with a foot pedal and light. I’m not sure how to find out if it’s a rare find or not. Can you help me. I came in a vintage looking box. It turns on and the light turns on too. There are a few numbers on these golden plates next to the needle. Not sure what they mean.

      • How can I find out what Year and may be how much my mom is old vintage sewing machine Singer sewing machine is worth serial number JB 1 41565

        • 1936 JB
          According to the Singer website the machine with serial # starting with JB was manufactured I’m 1936

      • Hi, I have a Singer treadle sewing machine. Serial number C3209568. Can you help me find out any history for it? Also best location to purchase a new belt. Thank you

    • I can’t find serial# beginning in AF. Any suggestions?

      • I have same problem with AF 520 425

        • AF 520045 was made in 1940
          AF-397656 thru AF-940750 was made in 1940.

          • Phillip, can you please assist my mother in this search for “ALL” info that can be obtained both official and non for this set stamp AA88459, in working order and in original cabinet.

          • Hi, Kaity
            I have my grandmother’s treadle machine. Thanks yo your chart I found that it is a model 31 and was made August 3, 1910. The serial number is G6279459. Is there any way to find out where it was made?

          • I have a singer s #
            AH 228832
            How old is it
            It had light and motor . I took them off a put in treadle cabinet I have 4 singers one is hand crank 12k and 12 k treadle . Love them I only see with tradle

          • What about AB491589??..

      • I can’t find it either

      • I cannot find a serial number only a model number that is model 247. How do I find the value for a buyer?

      • its listed, it says at the top from to so in between the numbers from and to is the year machine was made

    • Hi my name is Maria Theresa, I was wondering if you still have the old sewing machine. Do you have a picture of it? I have been trying to find a sewing machine that is manual since that has so many treasures connecting to my childhood. We have an old singer sewing machine back overseas and up to this day we still have it, although it probably hasn’t been used since my Mom passed a few years back. I‘m here in the States and I would like to acquire one not only can I manipulate & know how to use it coz I’m very familiar with it. I was gifted a portable electric sewing machine by an ex fiancé but just recently or maybe lose it coz we moved and left it at the previous rental just last February and haven’t been able to get it back since our previous landlord is a very selfish guy who is giving us a hard time to get some of our belongings back. Haven been able to respond to my calls. I believe he wants to keep our things that we have planned to pick up. Right now I’m aching to use my sewing machine to keep me occupied with this quarantine but left with nothing. Hopefully I’ll be able to acquire one at a reasonable price in the future.

      Thank you!
      Hope to hear from you
      Best Regards! God bless ✌️❤️🙏🙏🙏

      • hello my name is Christina I have an old Singer sewing machine please call me at 936-414-0316 I’ll be happy to sell it to you

      • Hey my name is Dustin and I have an old Singer sewing machine is manual and it works it comes with all the parts it’s black it’s very nice cleaning but I’ll send you a picture

      • I have a beautiful machine I want to sell. In a near perfect wood and wrought iron stand with drawers.
        Seriel number is B1109891 I think it was made in 1905. Do you still want to buy one. I am in Arizona. Where are you.

        • You year time frame is fairly close. My wife has a 1905 year model with serial number
          B 1500939. Beautiful machine . The value is at the saler/buyers willingness.
          Ours is still functional.

        • Our machine was made in 1905 with serial number B 1500939.
          I believe you are on the mark

      • I have several

      • Did you find a pedal singer machine? I have my grandmother’s pedal one still. I can remember her using it alot. Don’t know much about it but it has been kept safe 4 years. I don’t know why but its just precious.

      • I just read your email and am wondering if you located the Singer Sewing Machine you wanted. I just cleaned my closet and decided to sell my machine. It was manufactured in 1913 and is in excellent condition. Everything works, or did, when I used it last – over 20 years ago. It is a beauty! I have the original booklet and additional parts for zippers, etc.
        Please let me know if you are interested, since I am planning on moving and there is no one to pass it on to.

    • Hi.thanks for your also have antique cimanco sawing machine.there is frog mark in stand table.I need to know the year of production.any one how like to buy this machine please reply to
      Ruwan prasantha

    • I have an old portae singer sewing machine model#J0693339 and serial #6879837
      In working order but can’t find these numbers to see how old it is

    • Have a F4449008 what year and where was it made…..still in sewing condition ,still hemming pants and slacks on it

    • I Have a singer sewing machine with Serial # starting with EL
      Does anyone know a year?. I think it’s 50’s or 60’s

      • What about AB491589??..

        • I have a AB serial number too. Did you by chance get a idea of how old?

          • Serial numbers starting with AB were made part of 1926, all of 1927 and part of 1928. With the rest of the number you can pinpoint the exact year.

        • Yours was made in 1927.

        • Paul hours was made in 1927.

    • i have a singer model 66 s/n AG077901 and i can not find it on the list to date it

      • AG077901 was manufactured on July 23rd 1941.

    • hi..i am having singer merritt sewing machine
      (made in india)….model 15ND 88/89

    • Is it still available?

    • My.singer sewing machine serial number is H164721 i.cannot find the year it was made

    • Do u still have the sewing machine ?

    • My singer is a red-eye i believe, (is that what they’re called?). It’s a treadle machine. Appears to be in working condition. #977473 with an “M” before the numbers (M 977473), im guessing the “M” is for “Model”? Can anyone please tell me about my machine? History, value, etc? Thanks

    • Hello I have an old singer machine but the list of model numbers you posted doesn’t have mine on it??? The model number on mine is AM 256736

    • Sell of the Antique/Vintage 1929’s silky oak sewing machine. Lid lifts up sewing machine under lid. 3 drawers each side. I use it as a lamp side table. don’t used sewing only display for lounge, good take point, very good condition, clean, decals serial no: Y6356824 items on top not included.

  • Hi im from South Africa. My cousin give me a Singer masjien today very old. I dont find the serial number anywhere. Its very old and as i read between the lines thee masjien is most probably from 1925-1935 i would realy like to find out more. As this is my biggest present ever.

    • I couldn’t find the serial number until I looked with a flashlight; it’s near the base.

  • Bought a 1913 white treadle with all original paperwork also receipts for 1911 singer bought in san Francisco serial 3157279
    I even got original warrantee for the white if anyone has singer even close to that serial they should have the reciepts such fun

  • I’m helping my mom downsize but need help pricing her Singer serial number G5678811 machine. Can you help me know more about this machine and it’s value?

    • I also have an antique singer with a serial # starting with G8330567 I can’t seem to find any info using this number tho

      • G833….1920. On the “love to know” site.

      • Call singer. I did for my mom. There was a fire and several records destroyed. The serial number for mom was one of them. Singer can help

      • Singers with a prefix letter G were made in Germany in 1910. l think they are all electriic models. l have 2, one portable and one floor model.

    • Mine is G9956955. It also is not on the list.

    • G567….1917. On the “Love to know” site.

    • I got a singer machine #G7620504 and all G series were made in 1910 if the website is correct. Some costing as much as $2000

      • G9087612 is on mine. It was my Great Grandmother’s. So the G means 1910?

      • John, yours would have been made in 1919. That happens to be the same year the one I have from my great grandmother was also made.

    • The serial.number for my singer is G 204275. What is its age?

    • Can anyone help me with the year of manufacture for singer with serial no NLT4024325?.thank you

  • My Mom bought my Singer featherweight sewing machine for my birthday in 1948 Serial #AH817.005 for $145.00 which was alot of money in 1948. I still use it, runs great, easy to use, and store in black case with original handle and all attachments. Just disposed of original grease tube. Have all original spools. I have made dozens of children’s clothes, drapes, slipcovers, pillows, tablecloths and runners, women’s long and short skirts.
    Also costumes for plays and festivals my daughter was in during high school and college.

    • Hi my wife just got a singer and I would like to know more about it the serial number is JA083841

      • Hi Brad – did you find out any information in regards to your serial number? I have an old Singer sewing machine with the start of the serial #JA72…. but can’t find out any info on the JA portion of this number. Just checking, thanks, Laurie

  • I have Singer serial H 377386 can anyone tell what year it was made ?

    • I have a treadle Singer Serial #D540018. Its a beautiful machine. Bought it about 10yrs ago at an antique store. I fell in love with the beautiful of the teal painting but I can’t find any information about the year and where it was manufacture.

    • H377386 was manufactured on April 24th 1906.

  • I have a singer sewing machine that the serial number srarts with AE followed by 6 numbers. Haven’t found that anywhere to date it. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Me too! Mine is AE253042. I am trying to find out if I need to lubricate any of the parts. It gets stuck sometimes then takes off at lightning speed! It is electric with a lever you press with your right knee rather than a foot pedal. It is built into a small cabinet/table.

      • Hi,
        According to the list you fit into the ” AE-064366-AE-365140 ” built in 1936.

    • I have a Black Singer AE 843158 Portable manufactured 1938. Currently needs repair

  • I have an old Singer machine that was my mothers . the serial number is AE800168 , can you let me know what year this machined was manufactured, and is there any value

    • My friend has a old singer number AH615258. None of the numbers on your chart have letters, I saw a post where a lady has a machine n the number starts with the same two letters n hers was bought in 1948 but my number is a lil older I think depending on how the numbers were issued…I’d like to know the year this one was made n what is the value of it. Thank you

      • I have an AH530130 I couldn’t find these numbers

        • I inherited my mother’s Singer, # AH228800, It is “frozen” up, but not at all rusty. I folds into a console and has a bench type seat. I don’t know if it’s worth repairing or selling or whatever. Any comments? Thanks. Phil.

  • I have a singer sewing machine on a stand and the numbers on the plate are AA397042 how do I know what year it is??

    • U ever hear anything about your sewing machine. I to have one that begins with.
      AA That’s why I was asking

      • My mother passed on recently and I now have the Singer she or my grandparents bought new.
        It’s serial # is AB797845. She was married in 1939, I’m 66 and remember it from my childhood as does my brother who is 75.
        I want to sell it but don’t have a clue what it’s worth and would like to find out. I just pulled it up out of the basement to clean it up a bit. Everything including the light bulb still works. I don’t think it ever got used much.

  • Bought a Singer threadle machine a few years ago… is in excellent condition…it has a lot of gold decals and some kind of an Egyptian busting along with an animal body and wings…it does not have a serial plate # …all I found was a 6 digits number embossed on the body of the machine that fits under the cabinet….how do I found out more about my machine????

    • I have a singer sewing machine serial #16781526. According to chart it was built in 1852? Did I read the chart right and what is it worth?

      • I have a small Singer machine that is not functioning with a number on the front plaque 24-84.
        The serial number is H392268. Can you tell me about this machine, it has been sitting in the
        Attic for many, many years.

        Thank you

        Gail Bassler

    • I have an old treadle with the same Egyptian symbol and six numbers preceded by a k…is not on the charts I could find to date it. Have seen similar ones people have dated to 1925. Maybe a similar age?

    • How old Singer Sewing Machine model number

  • Just bought an old push singer but dont see the number on your chart AA024088, with cabinet. Can you tell me anything about it?

  • I have my grandmother’s old Singer Sewing Machine The only number I can find is 3147156
    Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

    • If it doesn’t have an alphabetical number before it it is prior to 1900

  • Help! I cannot find this serial number on the chart. AA988126. Thank you.

  • My friend has a old singer number AH615258. None of the numbers on your chart have letters, I saw a post where a lady has a machine n the number starts with the same two letters n hers was bought in 1948 but my number is a lil older I think depending on how the numbers were issued…I’d like to know the year this one was made n what is the value of it. Thank you

  • Hi i have a singer mod number F7125545 can anyone tell me wot year and how much it would be.

  • Singer srwing motor cat cak 9?_12 volts 240_250 amp 0.25 cyc 50/?60 ?can you tell me how much this is worth

  • Hello I have a Universal 700 Super Deluxe Precision Manufactured Made in Japan, the serial number is M/700/24121. I cannot find any information on this machine. I sews great, and is serviced regularly. If anyone has or can provide any information I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
    I also have a a Singer Model 347, SN EY 100841, and likewise, cannot find any information on it.
    I am interested in knowing how many were made and in what year.
    Than you, Sonia

  • Hello ,I Have a singer hand operated sewing machine , it has a long bobbin not around one , serial number is p229262 . What price would i be ableto ask forplease .

  • Y1956604
    Singer treadle sewing machine
    Can you kindly tell me how old it is and how much it’s worth??
    Thank you

  • I am having trouble with my 99k singer. Can you tell me how to get in touch with someone that can help me figure out what the trouble is and how to solve my problem. Im new to sewing. I am 83 years old. My father was a taylor ( the best I might add). He never taught me anything about sewing. I never wanted to learn, so Im not blaming him. All I wanted to do in those days was to play basketball.

  • What do you mean moderation?

  • I have a Singer in a cabinet that I am trying to determine the age of. I believe the serial number .
    Can anyone help?

  • I have a singer the number is G 3247114 but how do you read the chart to tell the year Of it can I get help on this on the year of it HELP!!! Thank You if you do

  • Need help to find the year it was made the number is G 3247114 if someone nosy let me no I would appreciate it thank you

  • I have come across a Singer machine with a plate on it that shows G3200444, and if it is a model #, this # is not listed on your chart. Also has a patent # dated 1911. Any suggestions, where I may get information on this model?

  • Hi all,
    I used to have a link to the Singer information site, but my PC is down at the moment.
    I have a friend with Y5522388, Any news please ?
    When I get back on my PC i’ll see if the list is still on there.
    It also tells us which factory made them.
    Good luck to all.

  • Hello Singer People
    I have an old maual sewing machine with a farro lion on the top part facing to the right and on the base the lion faces the left..I cant find a serial number anywhere IF I SAY PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THE YEAR>>LOVE THE MACHINE IN THE LIVINGROOM YET IT”S TIME DOWN SIZE please help .

    • You have a very valuable Kimball and Morton (made for Singer in Scotland!)
      If you search for that brand, you should be able to find info.

  • I have a passed down sewing machine with number 1,513,000. I restored the cabinet and base. I’m in the process of cleaning the sewing machine. It does not say Singer on the machine, but New Corona something. The cabinet and base are identical to pictures I’ve seen of antique Singer machines. Can tell me something about this machine?

  • I have a singer G5531288. Would like to know the age of it. It has been installed in a newer cabinet that was made in the 60’s, but I think the machine is old that that?

  • I don’t see anything beginning with AC on the chart?? How do I find the age of the machine?

    • I also have a machine I just inherited. It was my great-grandma’s and serial number in AC176311. I am so happy to have it. And going to try to use it. Would love to know how old it is. I have all the parts, the key and the original manuals. It is beautiful!

    • AB-970426 (through serial #’s) AC-455380 1928
      AC-455381 (through serial #’s) AC-907690 1929
      AC-907691 (through serial #’s) AD-305595 1930*

      I have a Singer sewing machine with a serial number beginning with AC96…. Which can be found in the last row of cited text from above to have been made in 1930 according to the chart found within this article. I just acquired this machine from a friend that salvaged it before it became a piece in the local landfill. She knew I’d been searching for any sewing machine and saw an opportunity for me. With little effort I had it turning freely and dust free. I have no clue of it’s age model number, or just how much may be missing from it. I’d love more information on this piece and to see it fully functional. If able I would like to operate it regularly too, but I’m glad we’re able to keep it from becoming someone’s trash!

  • Hi there,
    We have a singer with serial number AE888064 which I can’t find on any charts online. My mother was given it and thinks it’s circa 1935 but I’d love to find out more! Any info would be much appreciated!

  • Hello,
    I have my Grandmothers old Singer machine. Very heavy, in a domed metal, wood grained cabinet for portability and has a small key to open the side lock. The serial number is AF197893 and has a medallion from the San Francisco Exposition in 1938. I cannot find a model number and am looking for a Manual for this machine. After replacing the electrical cord, it runs fine but needs a good cleaning and some other maintenance. There doesn’t appear to be any belt, rather a gear drive. Also no foot pedal, but a bar is inserted in the side of the lower cabinet and is actuated by your knee to run the machine. Right now, it’s impossible to remove the bobbin, as the cover slides over only 3/4 of the way needed to get it out. The Singer website does not mention this serial number and I found the origin on another site. Anyone know more about this type machine?, Thx

    • Bob, your Grandmother’s machine is a Singer model 201 commissioned April 4th, 1939.

  • What about an AB prefix? Singer has stamped some serial numbers that do not appear on your chart.

    • Hi we have a singer hand operated machine no-y1497979 but not on chart how do we get its age

  • I have a singer sewing machine serial #16781526. According to chart it was built in 1852? Is this correct and what is it worth?

  • I bought a storage unit with a old antique singer sewing machine included inside. It’s serial number is AB890571 and I couldn’t find it on your chart. Anyone know where I can find the age and value?

  • My sister found a Singer Limited Edition SN N721105044. Can you tell me what year it was made? Thank you!

  • AJ070753?

  • Hello, I have an AD557359 and I can’t seem to find any info on it. Can anyone help?

  • I’m looking for the manual for a Singer Stylemate 342. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!! Be safe out there!

  • #EJ798230 ?

  • I have a Singer sewing machine, AF782520….
    Can’t find anything on it

    • Did you ever find out anything about your machine. I also have same problem,with finding af263261 why don’t they know about these models

      • The Serial Number AF263261 Falls on Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database as:
        Letter Register Numbers From – To Machine Class (Model No.) Quantity Allotted Date Allotted Year Allotted
        AF 244106 – 264105 221 20,000 July 11 1939

    • AF782520 was issued on February 12, 1941 as 1 of 5,000 serial numbers available for the Singer Model 128

  • How U-all doing.
    We here at ELVIS 2010 ENTERPRIZES are doing fine.
    We found a old Singer Sewing Machine at a goodwill
    store, and got it, it had a lot of parts missing but we
    got it for $10.00 USD. We just wanted the motor out of
    it . Can we find a speed pad for this motor??????.

    Motor # 362175 – 001
    made in BRAZIL
    CAT GAC 12 – 8
    120v – 35w
    60 Hz



  • What year is a Modle 762. Serial6614. Thanks Larry

  • I found an old singer model number AF9544697 that still works fine. Cabinet table foot pedal etc. I tried to look this up everywhere and can’t find this model. Would any have any idea what to do? Feel free to email if you have advice.
    Thank you

  • Was wondering how old this singer is serial number G8855656

  • We have a Singer Serial. No. BB102320
    It has a gold flip top and the Flex-Stitch feature, but that’s all we can determine so far. We would love to know more, or where we can find out more information about it.

  • My aunt have A257426 I need the band do you know were can I buy band I am In Laredo tx

  • hi , i have singer model 1640 S.NO.U 404417047, how can i get manual for operating instruction

  • I have a singer serial number C03551332 , I cannot remember when I purchased it. It was new. Trying to figure out what to ask for it.

  • Hi my wife just got a singer and I would like to know more about it the serial number is JA083841

  • Have a singer machine serial number G9810068. I believe it was my great grandmother’s. Can you give me any info on this machine. Its in good condition. Not sure what to do with it.

  • Just inherited my Grandmother’s old Singer that was originally manual with foot pedal table but was later converted to electric. S/N is AG177086
    I am trying to find its vintage.

  • I’m trying to find a belt for my sewing machine it was my moms .. I think it’s a 1950 Singer sewing machine the plate on the front reads EF
    635636… can some tell me where to look … this is the only number on it …
    Thanks Sandy

  • I have a vintage singer machine. Serial # G0596232. The little table is in fair condition altho the machine itself doesnt work. i wanted to know what year it was and what its value is.
    Thank you

  • Hi have this old singer ej681363 in good condition work what year was it made and what would it be worth thanks

  • Hope everyone is still Corona-free and hunkered down!

    My Singer is a ‘3314 C’, according to the info nearest the ON/OFF switch.

    No serial number to be found anywhere on it. Heavy bastard!

    Does anyone know what years this machine was produced? My guess is mid-1970s to mid-’80s.

  • I have a G3801728 singer sewing machine
    Its is in working condition has a wooden box
    Has a electric peddle no back stich
    Any information on it

  • I just bought a Universal sewing machine without a manual. The machine works great, except the needle position is all the way to the left and I can’t figure out how to get it in the center. There’s no obvious needle position knob or lever. I have a feeling something inside may have gotten jammed in the left position. Otherwise, it sews fine. It has a buttonholder, which I haven’t seen on many comparable machines. Haven’t found any photos of this machine searching Google and vintage machine sites. (I didn’t see a way to post a photo here.)

    Here’s what I know: It’s a Universal Model No. 700, serial number 14109. Made by the Osaka Sewing Machine Mfg. Co. in Osaka Japan. A number molded into the base is J-C31.

    I want to be able to use this machine for a good long time and would like a copy of the manual if I can get one anywhere.

  • The serial # is B1267591 what year would it be

    • I have a machine with sn B1090282. Also trying to find info on year made

  • Hello, can you help? Singer machine number N367359 what year is it from?

  • I haven’t seen anybody post about a singer with the prefix AL. I need help with this! (AL347745)

    • We have a singer peddle machine serial no. Y9980182 could anyone shed some light on its value and how old it may be?? Cheers

  • I just got an antique New Model sewing machine. It has numbers 628480 on it but no alphabetical number,it has two spool pegs and is a treadle with a stitch length that goes up side of machine under the bobbin winder.I would like to know who made it and who sold it and what year. So if I need parts I’ll know what type machine. I want to get it fixed so I can use it. Thank you for your knowledge and attention.


  • I would like to find more information on a gifted sewing machine I received. The serial number is G7626122. Where can I call? Where can I get parts and a manual? Can anyone help me?

  • I have a singer with serial number 65 W 1 and the wheel sits on the side and not back of the machine. The SN is not on your chart. Do you know how old it is? The machine sits on an industrial type wooden table with metal foot plate and two side drawers. The front edge of the table with a ruler is failed rubbed off now but you can make out letters spelling out Nashville Tenn. It’s my mother’s who used to work in the factory in early 60’s.

  • Can you tell me if a 201k is of an value. It is a great Britain model with American electric plugs

  • Hi,
    I would like some information about my Singer sewing machine, seial number: V1229857.
    I would like to know when this was made and where, please can you help?
    It was my grandmother’s. It was given to her in 1923 as a wedding present but was pre owned at that time.
    She taught me how to sew dolls clothes with it when I was a child. As a teenager I made many of my own clothes. Later my sister’s and my wedding dresses, school costumes for my daughters and prom dresses!
    It has great sentimental value to me and I will eventually pass it down to one of my daughters.
    Any help would be most appreciated.

  • I have singer e. D-782750 model sewing machine. Pls which Year this? And how much cost now.

  • I have a singer sewing machine model 600 w serial w 1429525 I can’t find any repair manual . I think the machine was made in 1960 . If you could please direct me to someone who could help me out . Thank You.

  • I hope your site is able to help me with my problem. If not at least please let me know . Thank You E Mail

  • Same problem here, can’t fi d a ythi g with AF. HELP PLEASE

  • Can somebody help me to know how much I supposed to sell my sawing machine? The number is AE275215

  • Hi, I am working on my Moms old machine but don’t see the serial # ? It is AG373259 in a wood cabinet with bench seat. Think she bought it in the 30’s but not sure. Finally making it hum again! Thanks

  • C2945344 Any info on this serial #? Great condition works even! I have the key as well:)

  • I have a suspect antique singer with JB122675 serial number how can I find out more about this machine and how I can put it back into use

  • I have a singer modle#AA300853,what type of cabinet do I look for


  • Hi I have my Grandmother’s Singer sewing machine and the serial no is F6329856. I would love to know what year it was made. Thank you.

  • My machine have EH693478.Please how old is?

  • Hi my singer sewing machine was bought in 2003. Serial number is C31816291. I need to buy spare bobbins for this model. But I don’t know which number I should buy. I randomly bought some bobbins in Amazon. But those are wrong size. Can someone please help me. Thq Vije

  • I have a singer sewing machine S215503 does anyone know it’s name

  • S215503 singer sewing machine any one know it’s age

  • I have a singer machine with serial number B627236 couldn’t match in the group of serial numbers given wondering if you can tell me when it was made

  • I have a singer machine serial #ac845287. Cannot find info the age.

  • Hello i have singer sewing machine with a number f346414 and a patent number for jan13 1891.can anyone help with the age thanks.

  • I have an old Singer sewing machine with the serial number of N 5224, model 15 which, I think from my research, was manufactured between 1880 and 1882. It is a 7 drawer cabinet (3 on each side and one in the center), petal plate model. Condition is poor but I’m interested in selling it. Pictures are available upon request.

  • AE435795 ? Not in your chart.

  • I have an antique singer treadle pedal sewing machine in the cabinet it has three drawers on each side and one in the middle . If I’m reading it correctly the serial number is G4760104. Can anybody tell me what year this is or what it might be worth. I hear people talking about a list where do I find this list to check and see if my machine is on it. Thank you in advance I would appreciate any help I can get

  • Hey all you guys out there that can’t find your serial number. I found them. The numbers are titled from and to. So your number may not be actually written there but it will be one of the numbers in between the from and to numbers eg
    From BB 123 to BB 625 date 1684
    So if my serial number was
    BB 381 my machine would have been built in 1684.
    Obviously these numbers are fake but I wanted to give you an idea of how it works. Hope this clears up any confusion you all have about your machine not being on the list.

  • I have my grandmothers” Singer sewing machine serial #G5366069 and I am interested in the year it was made. Your blog says find it on your chart but there is no chart. Help!

  • Hi I’m trying to find out how old my Singer machine is but no luck. Can you help? Number on the plate is EG902322 and on the back of the machine SERIAL#6365832.
    Thank you!

  • What is the age of my singer machine serial
    nb 3220923

  • Age of a nb3220923 singer

  • I have a manual Singer portable machine Serial # it is either an I or a 1 and then 6555784. Could you help me with when it was made and perhaps were it was made. It belonged to my husbands grandmother. I also have his mothers Treadle machine serial # G512878. I would like to know when and were it was made. Is there some were I could find more info on these machines. Thanks for your help

  • Hi guys I have an old singer sewing machine with a number B1114842 which I am trying to find out when it was made

  • Where do I find the aforementioned chart that will let me know which year and type I have? I’m lost haha. Thanks!

  • Hi what year is my singer QA031087. I what to sell it but don’t know the worth of it.

  • I have an old Singer sewing machine and am trying to determine the year and value of the machine, the tag reads as follows :

    CAT.NO. RFJ5-8
    VII0-I20, A O.8, A.C. & D.C.

    On the bottom right hand side the number 1858 2 is sideways.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  • what is the age of my singer sewing machine aa583795

  • I have a Singer machine with the # AF753803. Would love to know what year it is & maybe value! Thank you

  • I have a Singer # Y721838 Ids it at a 15k made in 1929 but it doesn’t look anything like a 15k it looks more like a 99. flat front plate and the tensioner is not on front plate but faces you as you sew. It is an electric belt drive in a round top wood case. I need parts for it and when I look at 15k parts they don’t look right. Any clue if this is marked wrong or did the 15k come with tensioner facing you and not the front?

  • I just got my my grandmother’s vintage Singer and I want to find out how old it is. But the numbers do not lead me anywhere, so hoping someone could help. Says Catalog BRJ7 and serial number 6380749. Made in St. John’s, Quebec Canada. Thanks!

    • I have a singer 368 made in Italy
      The serial number on the bottom is M-007-00532
      Any ideas when it was made please

  • Hello All! I have been on several sites but cannot seem to find my numbers in the range that make sense. The serial number on the bottom of the machine is K7326351. The K ranges I have seen only go to 1260800, and indicate a 1904 date which I am not sure about. It is a 99K, and the plate on the front says EH958178…and while the bottom specifically indicates that K7326351 is the serial number, when I look up the EH number, it does make sense, and in two places suggests a 1953 date. Should I assume the EH number on the front is the serial number, despite the clear numbers on the bottom?

    Thank you!

  • Just purchased a beautiful singer from my neighbor. It was his late great grandmothers. The serial # is F7141586. I cannot seem to find info to what year it is, Its manual states 1922 curious if thats about the year as well.

  • I have an EK 930777 would like to know what year it is?

  • I just recently found a H1352200 in an attic of a home we purchased. Any chance of finding info on this specific model?

  • I just recently found a Singer H1352200 in an attic of a home we purchased. Any chance of finding info on this specific model?

  • I just recently found a Singer H1352200 in an attic of a home we purchased. Any chance of finding info on this specific model? Is there a specific site to sought it out?

  • I have old singer sewing machine that I can only find 73 SIMANCO which was under the actual machine when I lift it up to sit in position. Is there anywhere else I can look. Trying to find year of manufacture. At a guess 1930-40.

  • I think I found a serial number! 125252. Just looking for year made please

  • I was wondering if anyone has a book for a model made in 1941 ag660793. I would like to get a copy. thank you..

  • I have a vintage singer sewing machine. The serial number is legible except for the first letter, if it is even a letter. It looks like it could be a “C” but I can’t make it out. It is electric and in a cabinet. The rest of the serial number is 7802645. It is stamped in such a way that each numbers appears to have been stamped individually as they are not lined up perfectly but askew. I found one in the same cabinet on Ebay and it says they think it is from the 1970s but the wall plug looks older than that, it is round. Can anyone help me with this? This cabinet seems to be more rare as I cannot find it on any of the singer vintage pages. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • my late grandmas singer sewing machine is still in good condition with serial# G-1913648

  • I have a singer dressmaker sewing machine that I am trying to figure the year it was made. serial number: 04770

  • I just bought a Singer AJ498218, in a sewing stand with a stool for $30!!!! The motor works & the wheel turns freely. My problem now is finding a manual & information about this particular machine. I want to order a few parts because I plan to use it. But getting frustrated with the unsuccessful hunt for information.

  • My portable S Nu is EK 611018 any info would be appreciated.

  • Hi! I have an old singer sewing machine serial number G3816595.
    Do you guys have any idea where I can fix out how much is worth and where I can sell it?

  • Please help
    How old is Singer sewing machine serial number 96K44

  • I found a number about 17752 on the machine but can not find it on serial number chart

  • I have a singer sewing machine.with the drawers on it. Serial number says B886118 on it.on the metal part has 1867 written on it.trying to find out what it’s worth .I never used it been having for 38 yrs .

  • I purchased an old singer machine at auction. The model # is B575622. I would like to know when it was manufactured and what it’s worth.

    • Your machine was manufactured in 1904 according to the serial number database. No value is provided, but I’m sure depends on its condition.

      • Can you tell me how old mysinger # AE329692.
        Thank you. And my grandmother’s singer #D450038 Pedal model.

  • I have a SingerAJ605410 what year is this from? Has a brown wooden case that sits on it and locks in place.

  • We have an old Singer G3730306…what year was it made and how much is it worth? It was given to us by an older lady..

  • I’m trying to find out how old my singer sewing machine is., the number on it isG9442376. It’s in really good shape just missing the belt for the pedal. I was going to sell it but I dont know what it is worth.

  • Would like help to see what year my Singer is

  • I’m trying to determine the model of the Singer ser.#AG234985. Black wrinkle finish; bentwood cover, wooden base; knee speed control; shiny black side wheel; the number 6 cast into the frame. No other marking beyond the Singer name and etched end panel. Thnk you.

  • Hello. I recently have come across a singer with serial# NL-K2330193. Any help with info for this machine is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi, I have a serial number that DOESNT have any letters as the prefix, but it’s 32,005,565… there seems to be a significant gap of missing numbers up to that as the numbers-only ends in the teens. Can you help?

  • Hello, I have a singer that Serial number Starts with EZ, and can’t find any info?

  • My friends. Mother in-law gave her a singer in the wooden standard stool
    I’m not sure what is it called and how old
    Also what would this be worth

  • Hi I have a singer serial number AM308067, was looking for a valued price, and year made. Great condition, thx.

  • I have a Singer Featherweight 221 Serial AF 537811 which I purchased in Odessa, TX in 2003. It was worked on by Jerry’s sewing machine clinic (probably no longer there). I understand the machine was made in 1940, has booklet and 5 original feet, all parts working and with black case.
    I am in my 80s and are downsizing. Would there be a person in New Braunfels, TX interested in buying it? it has been in a smoke free household, but I have gotten away from quilting and serious sewing. The machine is in beautiful condition.

  • Just bought a Singer 402W100 serial number W1274891. Its a beast of a machine. I cannot find much info about it as far as about when it was made. If I had to guess I would say 1950″s maybe. I thought maybe someone on this blog could help.

  • I have my sister`s sewing machine made in 1950 and it still works just fine !

  • I have a Singer sewing machine with the serial # H59022. From the info I have read that means it was manufactured sometime in 1906. Does that sound right? Is there any value to this machine bc of it’s age (and its in working condition)

  • I have a singer serial number 24511421 and I can’t find that in your chart. I need to know how to thread the bobbin. Can you help?

  • I have a singer with a serial number
    A B 4 73317 I cant find it in the chart

  • I have a 1948 JC series (JC698306) Singer that my mom purchased when we were stationed in New Foundland. So it says it was mfg. in Canada. I want to get it up and running again for my winter home projects but can’t find the power cord. Is there someplace to buy a new (or even original) cord that still works? Thx)

    • Hi Kaity,
      We have inherited an antique Singer sewing machine and treadle table. The serial number is G1192718 and I couldn’t find it on the chart. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have a 1945 Singer patcher, model 29K70 that will be discarded when my old family home is sold. I’d like to have it go to someone who will value this and save it. How can I advertise this to people who will appreciate it. It’s more about saving the old-timer than making money.

  • I have a 1945 Singer patcher that will be discarded when my old family home is sold. I’d like to have it go to someone who will value this and save it. How can I advertise this to people who will appreciate it. It’s more about saving the old-timer than making money.

    • Hi David, I’m 68 years old and I still sew. If you haven’t sold your machine. I am interested. My number is

  • I have a h678013 singer I think it’s from Sept 18 1906. But I’m not sure.

  • I have a hand crank Singer with serial no of: Y 5711916 and unable to determine year because ismacs listing is blurred. Scouting internet for schematic, where to buy replacement parts etc. and wondering where to go.

  • I have a singers the #AM624282 , would love as much info as I can get. I’m looking for a manual of some sort! Was my grandmother’s machine.. She loved it, said it will never die! I don’t want to be the one to kill it!!

  • Can you tell me mire about my Singer Sewing Machine serial number EM727956?
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi David are you still looking for a good home for your Singer 1945 Singer patcher, model 29K70? I would be very interested in talking to you about purchasing it. Thanks

  • Hi I’ve got a sewing machine serial number F8488221 I just want to know what year it was made. It’s hand crank.

  • i have a vintage singer 221-1 ser.aj119873 complete with case,bobins,manuals and more .would love to find the year and value

  • I’m helping my mother to know more about this singer sewing machine ER 646715, can you help me about the value of this one? thank you

  • I have my Grandma’s sewing machine and I cannot find what year it was made. The number on the plate on the right side is AL963815. It says 66- above it under the S. And the serial number is 7596245. If anyone can help, thanks in advance!

  • I got a singer Treadle serial AA727015

    How do I know how old?

  • I recently acquired a vintage singer treadle machine serial #AK476844 with the centennial logo on the machine. I am new to treadle machines and am wondering how to find what model it is. Thank you in advance for any information.

  • Can anyone tell me anything about the singer AK904945?

  • Good day. I’ve checked the chart with serial numbers to check the date of my singer machine. Its U884705111

    • I also have a Singer with a serial number starting with U. It is an industrial Singer, heavy duty, made around 1981, but the chart does not list the U series. Ours is a model 20-13 in the 20U series. Still trying to find out the exact year of manufacture.

  • Hi I have an old vintage singer treadle machine serial number is G51971155 can you tell me how old is this

  • Hi all
    I have a singer I believe to be from Japan, serial number is tc054082. Can anyone help me identify the year of manufacture

  • i have a singer sewing machine and cant find the yr it made. #N620502034. any help is appreciated

  • My Singer serial # is AE986424….not on the list.
    I do have the booklet that came with it that leads me to believe it’s 1937. Can you shed any light on this?

  • i have singer sewing machine with # em 867206 engrave under its base, is this the serial #? how old is this and what model?

  • I have a Singer sewing machine with the serial number EM960856.
    Also on the base plate is 171010 SIMANCO It belonged to my mother and I would like to now use it myself.
    Are you able to advise me as to where I could have the machine serviced?

  • I have a Singer 99K sewing machine. Serial # K7475663. I think that means it was manufactured in 1903 according to your chart if I’m understanding it correctly? Can you confirm?
    This is on the front of the machine. EJ716963. Is this the model#?

    I bought at an estate sale. It was stored indoors in a house so is in fair to good condition. I see dust but no rust. A belt is broken. I’d like to sell. What is it worth?

  • I dont see my machine on the charts. Serial number is AJ748569. Would appreciate any help on how old it is .

  • I cant find on your chart the sereial # I
    found the AJ. But not 159126 that fallowed can you help me with value or year. Please and thank you.

  • I have my grandmothers singer sewing machine but like to know about what year it was made and how much it could be worth, serial# GO255303., any help will be appreciated. Also numbers on it 8-4.

  • I have my Mother’s Old Singer sewing machine, she got it from her Mother (my Grandmother), and after her passing my Sister used it, after her passing It finally came to me. I’m not a sewer, but our daughter had a little girl this year so I was thinking of passing it on to our daughter so she could pass it down to our granddaughter which would be 5 generations of family.
    This thing looks almost like new and would be really cool if I could pass it down to them with a little bit more of the history of the machine. I saw this forum and was hoping you all could help me out with the fact finding. From what I can tell it was made in Japan (Go Figure, because if i did the serial number right ( C55-9929 ) would have it being made in 1908, and along side of the serial number there is a tag riveted to it with the word or name COBALT on it. There is a fairly big OVAL tag that says super Deluxe Sewing Machine on the top of it , and in BIGGER LETTERS in the middle “SUPER DELUX” on it, and below is where it says Made in Japan ??? we had machines being made in Japan that far back? Then there is a yellow tag that is a bit worn that i cant quite make it all out but it says city of ??????? approved with the numbers 31726 B, and below that some words that I cant make out. Can anybody help me find out more about this machine and its worth?

  • Where is the chart to track the serial numbers, to find the age of it?

  • I have old Singer with model number AL358112 not in list
    Trying to find age

  • I have old Singer with model number AL359112
    Trying to find age

  • I have an old (what I believe to be) Singer but I can’t find out the age of it. Sadly the front decal was taken off… we aren’t sure if it was painted over or the decal was somehow peeled off…..
    The number on the front plate on the bottom right shows: Z1027265
    The model number shows to be a B
    Could someone please help us identify this machine?

    • Could be a Minnesota “B”, which are not Singers. Perhaps start there and compare photos.

    • Have you ever learned anything more? I have an unlabeled black “singer-like” antique machine with a serial number starting with Z as well! The *only* other marking I can find is a “made in Japan” stamp.

  • I don’t know if my last question will be answered. So I’m going to ask for help again from everyone. Hello just got a Singer Sewing Machine from a Good Friend. The Serial numbers I found are S.S. 87011-005 i would like to know everything Possible about this Machine. Like did they come with a users manual . Or was this information handed down by the previous Generation? Thank You Everyone.

  • Hi. I just got as a gift a Vintage Singer Machine #G0086885 model. Where can I learn iit’s history and who would appraise it?

  • Hi. I just got as a gift a Vintage Singer Machine #G0086885 model. Where can I learn iit’s history and who would appraise it?

  • Good evening I got a Singer Sewing Machine with serial number BP041910 and I want know how old my machine is and the appropriate value of it in SA RANDS please? The machine is in fair condition but needs to be serviced.
    Im from South Africa.

  • Hello
    I have a Singer N300378 or maybe a N300878 , Can i get any information on this type . It has been handed down through the family

  • I have 3 singer pedal operated sewing machines ,A 1921 model that has a professionally refinished cabinet.The other 2 arefrm 1914& 1917.

  • I have a Singer treadle sewing machine. From the design on it, it looks like a Singer Red eye, but the plate has been severely scratched out, why would anyone scratch out the serial number… is there any other way to find a serial number for my machine? I’m not looking to sell it because it is beautiful and in excellent working condition, but it would be nice to know if it is truly a Red eye model. Thanks to any advice.

  • I am not sure but I think it might be 1924. I also have a B model with 6 digits. If You find out let me know.

  • I have an in cabinet Singer sewing machine with four drawers. Number on plate on front right-hand side is AG645694. Want to learn more about and value.

  • I have a treadle machine in an ornate cabinet with a number Q658963. How old is it, it’s not on the chart.

  • I have a singer sewing machine model # EL 412395 I’m unable to find year it was built. I’m needing information for parts.
    Thank you for your help.

  • I have a singer made in Brazil the only number I can find isc50326125 Need info on machines made in brazil

  • I recently purchased a 1908 Singer Treadel, made in Elizabeth January 1, with Lotus Decal. Works great. But the 2 pp; stated it was 66, but the looked it up and it said it was a model 28-3. I have no manuel, cannot find any information on it. It has a beautiful oak 5 draw cabinet. Does anyone know ANYTHING of this machine? Did it come with more than 1 foot? It has the round bobbin.

    Recently picked up a 1925 treadle, no fancy decals, 7 drawer that is being worked on. Purchased it off a patient’s husband. Used to belong to his grandmother. Had a manuel, notions, even a metal box with all kinds of different attachments.

    I am really wanting 1905-1919 Singer Pheasant Treadle made in Scotland, or England. That is my dream!!!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Wondering where a person starts to look for parts? I need a bobbin plate; as well there seems to be a short in the cord that attaches to the pedal.

  • Also, where do you find manuals for these old machines?

  • Not sure how to find what Singer machine I have. Nothing comes up when I search my serial number.
    I’ve searched everywhere!


  • I’m about to start refurbishing an OLD SINGER SEWING MACHINE and i’m hoping to purchase the Manual & Instruction sheet
    I’m not sure of the serial number and wanted to date it
    on the underside of the main body the serial no looks like: MD 823654 or it could be XD 823654.
    there is also another number I believe could be a part number 17393D // 173930

    I would appreciate any information

  • Hi there!! My singer sewing machine bevins with AA 954396 what year was it made ???

  • We have two old singer sewing machine. The 1st one is 15K model while the serial number of the other one is AO637850. May I know what date and where these sewing machines made? Thank you…

  • I have Singer sewing machine in a cabinet with the pedal wheel that works and the cabinet has 4 little drawers(2 on each side) and a small drawer on the front of it and also all the attachments to the machine. The serial number is B598697. Is there an approx value you can give me on the unit.


  • I have ado55816 is it worth anything and when was it manufactured

  • Coombe machine 350587H I think..pretty old

  • I have singer model Serial#B344410 For sale.

  • Hi everyone. I recently purchased a singer sewing machine. the serial number is AB872869. I didn’t see AB in the list of serial numbers. Does anyone know what year this might be from? Thanks!

  • Hello, I have a singer machine with a serial number of MB 3101 833. Might you know the value of this machine?

  • What year was this machine made? F8864298

  • I’m decluttering. My grandmothers’ old Singer sew8ing machine has sat here for years. How old is it? I’m thinking from the late 1930’s. Can you help?

  • Greeting ,
    I purchased my Wife a Singer Machine Model # AG176372 , Which is missing a Bed Slide.
    I have check the Chart and I cant find the year and Replacement part Bed Slide ?
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have an AG343621 singer sewing machine portable with a foot pedal. Would this be even worth looking for a price to sell?

  • I got an old treadle machine and stand, the number on the machine says G8884772. Any ideas how old it is?

  • I have a Singer sewing machine serial number G7579202. It’s black, flips up has a knee pedal and is in good working condition. Can you tell me the year and what it might be worth? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello! I just aquired a supposedly 1940s electric cabinet singer that has the serial no AG350708. Anyone know what age it is?

  • Looking for date on a Singer model AD598046. Also is it possible to get a manual for it?

  • My Granddaughter sent this number to me, from a Singer I gave her some years ago. I bought it, used, sometime in the early to mid 1960s, I believe.
    Is this a valid number? If it is, can you please tell me the machine’s year of manufacture?
    Your lists make it appear that it may have been 1964, but that that does not quite “sync up” with the lists published on the “” website. I would truly appreciate any and all help you can offer me.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Katie, I have a singer machine that has these numbers, can you help me find the needle plate and bobbins for it? AJ102172

    Kindest regards

  • I have an old singer machine but I am not seeing any numbers that match on your chart it starts with the letter A and only A then the numbers 0012862 any help would be great

  • My Singer’s serial No. Is 402125
    Model KZM, patent 3177835.
    I want to find out the year it was made and it’s worth.

  • I have a Singer sewing machine incabinet with all the attachments, manuals, bobbins, including the oil, etc, etc. The Singer seal is on the front with model 301A, however, no serial number. Underneath the bottom left by the bobbin compartment is a metal plate that has the number 170027 with the name Simanco, USA. According to a website the 301A was manufactured in 1952 or before 1957. My question is: Is this an authentic Singer and what year is it?

  • I have a Singer 3314C sewing machine. Would you please tell me what year(s) this machine was made? I can’t locate the serial number. Where would I find it?

    Monica Michewicz

  • Hi. I’m trying to research a vintage sewing machine with the badge name “Coombe,” and tripped on that badge name here:

    (Beginning of excerpt from the discussion above.)

    Jun 12, 2021

    Coombe machine 350587H I think..pretty old

    (End of excerpt.)

    If Kylie is still around, could they please provide more information about their machine? (e.g., The type of sewing machine, such as vibrating shuttle or rotary, etc.)

  • Hello,

    Serial# g4937151 in the cabinet. motor works and the light. Can you halp me with this? Thanks

  • Hello,

    Serial# g4937151 in the cabinet. motor works and the light. Can you help me with this? Thanks

  • When was Singer sewing machine model # 5825C serial number C72751338 manufactured?

  • I have a Singer sewing machine with a serial number I cannot find for any identification. I found the list that starts with “B”s but my serial number only has 5 digits not 6. Its #B39477, It is a foot pedal model with attached to the table.
    It also has a patented plate with dates listed from Dec 5 1882 to Apr 7 1896 (with 6 more dates in between).

  • Hello, I have a perfectly working Singer sewing machine that I am looking to sell. I tried finding the model in your chart but it doesn’t show it. It is EL 42218. Do you have any information on it that you could share with me please? Thanks and I look forward to hear your answer.

  • I have a Singer leather machine with serial number W877782. Do you have any information on this model. I am looking to sell the machine. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

  • Please help me identify the model and year of my Singer sewing machine.
    AF724830….. in cabinet with knee pedal. One chart said 1939 and a different chart said 1940.
    Thank you so much.

  • Age of singer with SN L667846

  • Hold old Singer Sewing Machine Model number G4582563

  • Hi,the serial number for my machine is nowhere on the chart? Y 8175760

  • Hello, I just came into possesion of my Grandma’s old singer treadle sewing machine, I do believe the serial number to be 03838664 but I can’t determine if it is a zero or the letter O? were there any made with a Alpha O or is it really from 1880?

  • I recent acquired a Singer sewing model 66 #AJ678216 and would love to learn the year this machine was manufactured.

  • Looking for any information on J0927150 – the 2nd letter/number could be C or O. I have not been able to find anything for a serial # starting with the letter J. I would like to know when this machine was made and I would like to find a manual, bobbins and accessories, but not sure which ones will fit.

  • I have an industrial Singer sewing machine with serial AK572652 I do not know when it manufactured, or how much it might be worth.

  • I have a Y 704791, What is the model?
    Year of manufacture?
    Any service info?
    Where to find parts?

    Thanks, Frank H.

  • Hi there! My Mom has my Grandmother’s sewing machine which is a J 751017 and it works but needs a tune up. Any idea how much of a price range she should be looking to ask for when she sells it? Thank you so much for your time!

  • I can’t find my serial number on any chart? Can anyone help? AC305977

  • I have two machines with Serial# AL546317 and AG872641. Can anyone tell me the age of these machines?

  • Hi,
    I have 2 Singer Sewing machines one has the serial number G9760381 and the other is H568636 they are complete with tables. how would I be able to find a value on these machines>
    Thanks, Tom

  • I have a Singer Desktop with a SN 2153734 & Model #Y1493389
    Chart says SN mgf date 1875 but chart also says Model # would be 1923.
    Why am i seeing two different number series?

  • I can’t find Serial # AE931840 on the chart. Can you help.

  • Good day we pick up my father’s singer treadle machine eg152327 would like to know the year model as I can’t seem to find it on the chart no lights and no electric motor on. If you could be kind to assist where it was built and year model

    Kind regards

  • I have a Singer machine serial # G6494558 can anyone tell me what year this was made and where.

  • I have my grandmother’s machine, serial # AK380789 (1951, I believe). It is in excellent condition. It works very well and includes all of the accessories with the original cabinet (machine hinge is broken). I am looking to relocate it to another home. Do you have any suggestions where I can sell this?

  • Hi I have a Singer sewing machine serial number G 89588 10 can anyone tell me when it was manufactured year in the value of the machine

  • Mine was made in 1920. It’s in impeccable shape. It belonged to my grandmother. Love it.

  • I have a singer machine 316G please can someone let me in on which year it was made? It’s my first seeing machine ever and I want to learn more about it. Thanks

  • I have. Singer sewing machine al269488 . Can someone help me find out the year of mine

  • I have a old singer sewing machine serial number g6555888 trying to find out what model it is

  • I have an old Singer sewing machine that does not have any letters in the serial number what does that mean

  • 11043078 SN-??

  • I have a Singer AE890638 and could not find in the chart. Trying to.find value to sell. It is in a wooden cabinet, has box of attachments and manuel. It does run. Thanks

  • I have a Singer model? Serial Y5049690, not in good condition, but complete. I would like to know if it’s worth restoring.

  • I have a old Singer Serial # 15447264 any help on finding out what year it was made? Thank You!

  • We have a singer sewing machine, on the plate it says sewing motor K5863043. I’m assuming that’s the serial number and I’m wondering what year it may have been made. It also says Simanco made in GT. BRITAIN catalog. BRK 2-12. I’m also wondering who may service such an older style machine on the Central Coast , NSW., Australia.

  • I have my late Mother’s Singer 670G Golden Panoramic to sell. I have the user manual in which the model and serial number has been recorded (Model No 9217, Serial No. N601214100). This serial number format appears to refer to machines made n the 1900’s whereas the Model number would suggest the sixties. I’ve scoured the web for guidance for finding the serial number on the machine but failed (also my eyesight is a bit wonky too). Where is the serial number on the 670G?

  • I have a Dressmaster rotary sewing machine in a cabinet. The serial number appears to read 127– 68349. According to the chart, am I only going by the 127 number?

    Thank you!

  • I have an AB154458, was my gr grandmothers. I have no manual to see how it works. Looks like I have all the parts for it also. How can I find a manual for this machine, and how much it may be worth?

  • I have a Singer in its own wooden table that has printed on the head itself Made in Canada in gold lettering. On a metal arm underneath is stamped “125270 Simanco. Attached to the back of the machine is a label that says “Singer Sewing Motor” “Catalog BR8S” “Serial Number 6291899” and “Made in USA”.

    My impression is that the motor was added to make the machine work on American AC. I don’t know any more about the machine.

    Can you help?

  • I have a 111w112 industrial leather working Singer. The serial # is W793539, which I don’t find on any manufacting charts. Does the W refer to where it was manufactured? So I use the 6 digits to date it to 1871? Any help would be great!

  • I have a Singer model Merritt 4528. I have exhausted my attempts to find out what year it was made and what it is worth. The serial number is: C13012478. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Ken Jirele

  • I have looked everywhere and I cannot find what year real life my singer for 562 hangouts. The serial number is N316203108

  • Hi i have two singer can’t fine out how old can you help one in G 9034718 other is Y 1598931 please help thanks

  • I have a Singer AD271835. I cant find the model number on the chart. Can you help me with a year made and value?
    Thank you,
    Pam Grater

  • I have my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine #360149. Going by the chart is appears the year of manufacture is 1869. The cabinet is in bad shape but repairable. The machine needs work also. Will repairing the cabinet and cleaning/repairs to the machine destroy any possible antique value ?

  • I have a serial number AJ846945 but don’t see in chart. Have googled all over can’t find value? Can you tell me estimate/ ballpark ?

  • Hi Kaity…Happy Holidays! (2022)
    I have a treadle Singer sewing machine with the serial no. of L631925. I’ve been unable to find it anywhere and would like to know where and when it was made. Also, there is a plate by the presser foot with the following info:
    Oct 16, 1886

    Oct 8, 1878
    Jul 6, 1880
    Sep 22, 1885
    Jul 10, 1887

    Can you help me?

  • Hi we have a singer sewing machine that is in perfect condition it isn’t a peddle operated but rather a crank handle on the right hand side of the machine the model number from the brass inlayed plate is y2278993,it is in original condition with all spare parts and has three unused needles in their original wrapped,it also comes with a timber carry case that goes over the machine when finished sewing etc.We have no idea what age it is and being in our 70s we wish to pass it on to one of our great grand children when we pass on hope to hear from you soon stay safe and happy new year 2022.We live in Queensland Australia.

  • i have my grandmother’s singer sewing machine – serial # G 6449798 – i know she used it in the 1920’s – it is a tredle and in good working condition w/ original cabinet. WHAT YEAR IS THIS MODEL ???

  • i have a singer sewing machine AK87562 WHAT YEAR WAS THIS MACHINE STILL WORKS GOOD

  • I have Singer Overlock Machine S1-70. I believe it is vintage. I am trying to identify the model number to know the year. Where do I locate the model number?

  • Hi! I have my grandmother’s singer machine, The machine lifts out of the wooden cabinet, cast iron treadle. The serial no. I found is AA075555. I can’t find this serial number listed anywhere. Can you tell me what year it was made and the current calue. In excellent condition. Thanks, Rachel

  • 2-7-2023
    my singer sewing machine has this s/n 166110. can you tell me what year it is? i need your help.
    may i please hear from you?
    thank you,

    jerry turner

  • i Have located the the year of my singer its a 1915 but cant find what model, do know it is a red eye foot pedal 2drawer desk style. Can anyone give me any other info??

  • I have a 1908 working singer. Its serial number is D388837. I need to purchase a replacement bobber plate. Does anyone know where I can find this piece? I am using a plate provided by a singer store from NYC over 30 years ago.
    I would also like to find out what the dollar value is of this machine.

    Thanks to anyone who can help…

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