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personal branding tips for artists

It’s worth braving the crowds at the British Museum to see ‘Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave’ this summer. Aside from the insights into Japanese culture and image-making, there’s a lot of personal branding tips for artists to learn and how to make a living from your art. This is so relevant to modern creative practice. Hokusai’s broad […]

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how to set up a pop up store

As an emerging designer, one of the best ways to get some sure-fire exposure is holding a pop up store. Whether you’re selling printed clothing, accessories, art prints, or originals, showcasing your brand and presenting your talent is an effective way to market yourself. Gain sales, customer loyalty, and brand recognition with our simple guide […]

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facebook tips for artists

As an artist, you may think that Instagram is the only social media platform worth your time. It’s aesthetically focused, fosters niche communities, and offers users a lot of creative inspiration. In a nutshell, it’s an artist’s haven. But Facebook, when used right, can be an effective marketing tool to promote your brand and artwork.   Skeptical? Understandable. […]

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how to brand my own products

Building a high-quality brand identity is just as important as providing your customer high-quality products. Think about your preferred brands and what makes them your favorite? You’ll often find it’s not always just the product itself, but the whole experience of buying something from them. Presenting your brand to your customers is much more than […]