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Custom Fabric Printing

Bring your creative ideas to life with our custom fabric printing service. Print your own designs and patterns onto a wide variety of fabrics, with 130 different options with different properties, all handmade. Whether you're a fashion designer, homewares creator, student, or business, our digital printing on fabric technology allows for quick turnaround times with no minimum order required, ready in as little as 1-2 days.

Excellent reviews
Rated ‘Excellent’

4.6/5 from 1600+ independent 3rd party reviews

fast turnaround
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

fabric discounts
Exclusive Discounts

Wholesalers, Students and Quantity

Speed delivery
Speed delivery

Quick delivery to all US states within 2-5 days

Order a fabric sample

Not sure what’s the right fabric?

Having the physical custom printed samples in your hand can help you reach final decision your creation. Check your print works with the surface texture, that you like the weight of the fabric and that the color profile is accurate by putting your print onto fabric samples. Or check our full range by ordering our swatch packs.

Order a swatch pack and receive a $10 discount code on your first order.

Our printing methods

At Contrado, we offer the most advanced methods of fabric printing, all made inside our facility. There are so many ways to print on fabric, sometimes it can be hard to choose. Find out the three printing methods Contrado has to offer and find out which one works best for you.

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Reactive printing

This advanced printing method enables us to print on reactive fabric with your designs so that you can create something brilliant.

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Pigment printing

One of the ways that we print our natural fabrics is with pigment dye fabric printing, which is a quick and versatile technique.

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Sublimation printing

This method bonds the ink deep into the structure of the fibres, making it part of the textile.

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We offer discounts

You can take advantage of our wholesale prices or use our dropshipping service to sell without ever holding inventory. Plus, we offer discounts on all products which you can pass on to your customers.

wholesale fabric printing


Order unique products in bulk for your brand, and we'll offer an exclusive up to 40% discount.

students fabric


We offer a 25% discount for US students on custom fabric printing and more..


If you're looking to get into digital printing onto fabric, then you've found the right fabric printing company. Browse our extensive range of fabrics including cotton, lycra, jersey, real silk, polys, and plenty more to design your own fabric. Whether you're sewing a new dress or upholstering a chair, you can find the right material and make your own fabric for your project.

Need some textiles for your business? Start custom fabric printing for wholesale now. Our custom-made fabric range includes standard options such as jerseys to upscale silks and leathers. We also offer specialist options such as organic fabric, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, and vegan leather. Every material is printed using eco-friendly inks that won't harm you or the planet. When you print custom fabric, you only have to worry about your own design.

A Fabric for Every Project

Natural and Organic Fabrics

You can be mindful of your fabric choices with our range of natural and organic fabrics. These natural fibers are derived from the planet rather than synthetically manufactured, so you can create with a clean conscience. Many of our natural and organic fabrics are also biodegradable, so they won’t create unnecessary waste. These field-to-loom fabrics are available with a downloadable certificate that signifies their organic origins. Keep your eye out for a green stamp to help you identify these fabrics.

Luxury Fabrics

Among our fabric selection, you’ll find premium silks and high-end cottons for your most extravagant projects.

Our fine silks are available in different weights with various properties and blends so that you can find the ideal silky fabric. Silk is renowned for its skin-loving properties, as it is non-irritating and non-abrasive, and leaves the skin full of moisture. Use our silks for sleepwear, bedding, lingerie, and other close-to-skin garments.

Cotton is a go-to fabric with an endless list of uses, from bandanas to jeans and even waterproof tablecloths. Whether you need stiff cotton that holds its shape or cotton that helps you dry off after a bath, you can find it for digital fabric printing right here.

Athleisure Fabrics

With so many lifestyle or athletic activities, you need a full range of fabrics that can accommodate active wear. We have an abundance of Lycra fabrics that are all designed to stretch and move with you. These body-hugging fabrics come in a variety of weights and textures, because the feel is just as important as the look. For when you need a fabric that cools you down, our airflow and net custom printed fabrics will carry you through those heated activities. 

Versatile Jersey Fabrics

For everyday use and apparel, jersey fabric is unbeatable – that’s why we have so many jersey options. It’s soft, stretchy, and wears like a dream. We use jersey fabric for all our t-shirts and so many more Contrado specialty garments, and with the ability to print your own custom fabric, you can too.

How it Works

Design and print your own fabric in just a few minutes. Once you've found the perfect material, this is your chance to create your own fabric with photos, patterns, art, and more.

Your designs are in safe hands as our technicians have lots of experience with custom fabric printing, ensuring every piece is top quality. We use industry-leading sublimation and reactive printing methods to bond the inks to the fibers of the fabric. This always retains the original handle and feel of the fabric, and the resulting print is brilliant in full color.

Our fabric printers print all week long, so you're able to print on fabric in just 1 to 2 days, with no minimum order amount. Specify the exact dimensions you need for your fabric and order as much or as little as you need.

With wholesale fabric printing, we only create exactly what you order. This limits our waste and minimizes environmental impact so that we can produce every order sustainably. To help reduce landfill waste, offcuts are collected and donated to local DIYers for them to reuse.

Accessories and Discounts

With 120 fabrics to choose from, it might be difficult to decide which materials are right for you. See and feel every fabric with our swatch packs, which have a sample of each material featuring the same design so that you can compare the difference before you make your own fabric. Or, if you think you have the right fabric picked out but just want to make sure, order a custom fabric printing sample of your design to see how it will look on the fabric. These test prints will help you make sure you're fully confident in your order before you commit. With our swatch packs and sample prints, you'll get a $10 voucher for your fabric order.

Create swing tags, fabric labels, and sublimation transfer paper to give your DIY projects an extra-special touch or wow your customers. There's no limit to what you can personalize and create!

Want to create custom fabric for wholesale? For larger orders, we offer quantity discounts and wholesale discounts so that you can get the best deal on custom fabric printing. Students can sign up with a student account to get 25% off all our fabric printing services.

Let us do the hard work so that you can focus purely on design. We are here to make everything as smooth as possible so that getting your hands on custom printed fabric is easy.

Our Earthly Promise

We want our digital fabric printing service to be as planet friendly as possible. We only create exactly what you order, which limits our waste and minimizes environmental impact so that we can produce every order sustainably. To help reduce landfill waste, offcuts are collected and donated to local DIYers for them to reuse.

Since we work out of one regulated facility, this cuts unnecessary transportation and allows us to work with the water board to ensure ink waste is properly disposed of. As we add new fabrics to our collection, we’re keeping this promise in mind and sourcing more fabrics made from post-consumer poly and natural fibers.

Fabric Designed by Artists

Maybe you need a funky fabric but can’t exactly decide on the perfect pattern. That’s where our Contrado Creatives come in. These artists have designed their favorite fabrics with their favorite designs so that you can shop for a ready-to-print fabric that catches your eye. These purchases also support independent artists so that they can continue to do what they love, just like you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Fabric is Best for My Project?

Of course, this will always be the biggest question on your mind. With so many fabrics to choose from, how on earth can you make the right decision? We do our best to describe each fabric so that you can visualize how it will feel in your hands. If you want to be completely confident, ordering a swatch pack or sample print is a fool-proof method that ensures you will make the right choice for digital printing on fabric.

How Long Does it Take to Print My Fabric?

When you print your own custom fabric, most materials will be ready in 1-2 days. If you choose to have your fabric hemmed, this may add a bit of production time. For some fabrics, such as silks, we want to be extra careful to ensure there is no harm done to these delicate fabrics, so we estimate these turnaround times at 3-4 days. Once we are finished, you can have your fabric as soon as the next day.

What is Digital Fabric Printing?

Digital fabric printing is a modern printing method that uses digital technology to print designs, patterns, or images directly onto fabric. It eliminates the need for traditional printing screens and plates by allowing designs to be printed directly onto fabric. Unlike traditional printing techniques, digital fabric printing offers greater design flexibility, intricate detailing, and customization options. Digital printing on fabric offers several other advantages also, such as high quality, speed, and reduced waste.

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