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Design Your Own Underwear & Nightwear


Design underwear, pajamas & nighties for alternative loungewear options that break the mold. From cute panties to seductive kimonos, you can easily design your own underwear collection online.

Design Underwear Online

What we wear underneath our clothes and to bed is exclusive, seen only by a significant other in most cases. But this intimacy inspires us to want more exciting, personal designs that naturally express who we are. But the malls and other shops can only give us so much in the way of patterns and prints, so design your own underwear and pajamas, etc for a unique way to express your creativity. Unlike the shops, here you can choose the fabric of your personalized loungewear, giving you more control over your own fashion. Our kimono can be made with either luxurious, cool silk sensation for an elegant robe, or Plush Velvet, giving it more of a cozy, dressing gown look and feel. 

From dainty Florence Net panties with a choice of colored lace edges to light, breathable cotton pajama bottoms that lock in heat, design your own underwear for personal use, a gorgeous gift for a loved one or create a line for your boutique fashion brand.