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Custom Sports Apparel


From figure skating to football, and swimming to squash, women have been taking part in sports for a number of years. That's why we have created a range of ladies gym clothes and custom sports apparel made from the finest fabrics for both comfort and practicality. As for the style part, everything is completely customizable, so that bit is down to you.

Custom Sports Apparel

Custom sports clothing

At a time when fortune favors the bold, dare to be the bold one. Stand out from the crowd in custom sports apparel while experiencing the best of both comfort and practicality. Create your own custom designs for custom fitness apparel and feel comfortable and confident throughout your workout. Exercise clothes for women, that have been specifically designed for that purpose, in a huge choice of sizes and materials that can all be customized right down to small details such as stitching thread color - what more could you ask for?

Ladies fitness clothes

There is such a variety of different sports that women partake in that it's no surprise that it isn't a one size fits all case as far as ladies gym clothes are concerned. You don't want to be wearing leggings in the pool, or a tank top when you're outside on a chilly night playing tennis any more than you want to be doing gymnastics and trying to somersault in a baggy hoodie. With such a range of custom sports clothing, you can be sure to find the right garment for the job, in a design you have created. 

Sports or leisure?

As time progresses, more and more often we see people wearing sportswear as leisure wear. Fashion sportswear, which dates back as far as the 1920s in America has become more and more popular. This has seen the start of a trend known as athleisure, which saw clothing that had been designed specifically for wearing during athletic activities being worn for other purposes. Whether that be at home or socializing, or even in the office, more and more people are wearing ladies gym clothes outside of the gym. 

Made for a purpose

Because exercise clothes for women are made with a purpose in mind, it allows for factors such as the shape, fabric and features to be thought about in a way that related specifically to the wearer's end use. This means that each garment will be designed specifically to not only fit a women's figure but also to be stretchy or loose or breathable. Ladies fitness clothes need to be lightweight, cycling garments need to be form-fitting as well as streamlined to a point that they don't create drag and martial arts clothing tends to be much looser fitting. 

Take control

Custom sports apparel needs to be able to control both temperature and moisture levels. As the wearer when you buy ladies gym clothes you want it to be able to keep you cool when you're warm, inside running around and to also keep you warm if it is colder, such as when you're outdoors. Your clothing also needs to be able to transfer sweat away from you. Moisture-wicking fabrics are notoriously ideal for this. 

Free movement

You want to be able to move freely when participating in any kind of sports or physical exertion. This can be done in more than one way but is most commonly done by either making something from an incredibly stretchy, form-fitting fabric or choosing one that is lightweight and loose fitting. Both of these methods help you find something that allows you to move around a lot, but you wouldn't, for example, wear loose trousers to ride a bike, in case it got caught up in the chain. 

Printed sports apparel for women

As more and more people are shopping for sportswear the offering has become much more varied. That variety is often still restricted somewhat, with options for the shades, and then fluorescent colors with mostly chunky block patterns, if any at all. Although this opened up a whole new world of women's sportswear, it didn't give much to the pastel lovers, the people who are passionate about fine detailing and intricate art. That's where we come in. 

Custom Sports Clothing

Rather than trying to create enough different designs to try and made something that is almost-just-right for everyone, we want each and every single person to have the opportunity to say 'it's not just okay, it's perfect' and that's why we leave the print design part to you. Our in-house designer makes a variety or custom sports clothing exclusively for us, it is sized for a range of different body types and then it is offered to you, the customer. You are given, in most cases, a choice of materials and fabrics that are used, as well as fine details such as the color of the thread, or buttons. With custom sports clothing you get to create the design yourself, using our user-friendly design tool you can make your own joggers, design your own jumper and so much more.