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Get Started with Contrado Dropshipping

Our easy-to-use system allows you to sell a range of high-quality items designed by you, from clothing to homeware, wall art, and more. We make your orders in 1-3 days on average, and you make a minimum profit of 20% or more when you mark up your price. Using Contrado's print on demand service, your customers get worldwide tracked delivery in 1-4 days on average.


Custom Collections

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You'll get 20-40% off the base price, based on product and quantity

Custom Collections

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Dropship Printing process

Dropship Printing Since 2002

As expert manufacturers for almost two decades, we’ve perfected the art of print on-demand. Choose from over 470+ products to design and sell using our Shopify print-on-demand app. Your customers purchase from you, and then we make and ship out your orders. We combine the latest print technologies with expert craftsmanship so you can proudly provide a premium range of products.

Want to create a diverse collection of products by print-on-demand dropshipping? We make everything from clothing to homeware, leather bags, dining & kitchenware, wall art, accessories, stationery, and so much more. Contrado dropshipping is absolutely free – all you need to do is add our app to your eCommerce store and start designing your collection. When you’re dropshipping with Shopify, you can use our state-of-the-art web interface & product mockup generator, then manage your products in your eCommerce store. With a few clicks in the print-on-demand Shopify app, your beautiful designs are up for sale.

dropshipping custom labeling

Building Your Brand with Custom Dropshipping

We recognize that when you choose a custom dropshipping supplier, those products will represent your entire brand. It’s your vision, your ideas, and your customers. Our immersive branding options mean your business is all your customer sees. When you’re using our Shopify print-on-demand app, you can add your logo & tagline to the label, dispatch note, and customize a thank-you message and the fabric care label. That way, your customer gets a package entirely branded by you.

As Shopify dropshipping suppliers, we understand how important it is for you to provide a quality service. You want to impress your customers, and they want your product fast. Dropshipping with Shopify ensures most orders are ready to ship worldwide within 48 hours, with customs duties paid to most countries. Our speedy fulfillment and great delivery options mean you’ll make a good impression on first-time buyers. In fact, our fast print-on-demand drop shipping will even secure more returning customers in the future. All that, and all you have to do is design. Everything is made so easy for you with the print-on-demand Shopify app.

contrado custom bags

Why Contrado?

  • Boutique print on demand since 2002
  • Artisan production by skilled craftspeople
  • Newest print technologies for best print quality
  • High end supplier, locally-sourced materials
  • Sustainably handmade in our studio
  • Fast fulfillment, no outsourcing
  • No 3rd party suppliers
  • Worldwide tracked delivery in 2-4 days