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Lycra Fabric

Lycra fabric is an essential textile in fashion and activewear industries. With its unique flexibility and durability, Lycra material has strength and strength, two characteristics that make it a very popular fabric choice.

What is a Lycra fabric?

Lycra fabric is the brand name for elastane material. This is a general term for any textile where elastane yarns have been used in its construction. It is strong and flexible, like rubber. It does not lose its shape or stretch when pulled and it has an excellent recovery.

Lycra material can also be known as Spandex. It is a polyurethane based synthetic fiber, which has an exceptionally high degree of stretch and rapid recovery. Initially developed in 1958, it was created to replace latex rubber as a stretching agent in clothing. It is usually combined with other fibers, such as cotton or polyester and it is used in a huge variety of products – from fashion to medical equipment.

How is it manufactured?

Lycra is made up of a long chain polymer called polyurethane. This is produced by reacting a polyester with a disconsolate. The polymer is made into a fiber using a dry spinning process.

The unique stretchy attribute of Lycra fibers is a result of the yarn’s chemical composition. A block copolymer process produces them. The long flexible blocks of polyurethane alternate with shorter, more crystalline segments. The longer portions provide the sketchiness and the crystalline segments create re-enforcing points. This is what makes it such a strong and durable fiber.

Purposes of Lycra fabric

Lycra is mainly used in the fashion and sportswear industries. It is a popular fiber choice for women’s undergarments and lingerie. It can also be used for homeware products, such as fitted sheets, or anything else that requires a degree of flexibility.

Because it doesn’t get damaged by sunlight, sweat or detergents, it is a very durable material. These are key reasons why it is such a popular textile for sportswear, activewear, and swimwear.

Lycra is always combined with other fibers, but the amount of Lycra used is different for every end use. For fashion items, as little as 2% Lycra is added to give the garment shape retention, drape, movement, and form. High-performance garments – such as those used in activewear – require more Lycra fabric. These can contain up to 20 – 30%.


Lycra material is a flexible and forgiving fiber. When combined with other fabrics, it can provide security, comfort, and support.

Some of the most notable properties of Lycra fabric include:

  • Stretchy and very flexible
  • Can be stretched to 4 to 7 times its initial length
  • Springs back to original length when released
  • Excellent aging and mildew resistance
  • Durable and strong
  • Always combined with other fibers
  • Easily dyed
  • Resists pilling and abrasion
  • Moisture wicking
  • Excellent holding power
  • Machine washable

Advantages of Lycra fabric

Lycra comes with a plethora of advantages, that makes it a pleasure to wear and gives the wearer many benefits. When you blend Lycra with other fibers, there are even more advantages.

Lycra material is very popular in clothing and sportswear since it is lightweight and breathable. It is also extremely comfortable, as it gives you support while remaining flexible. Another advantage of wearing Lycra is that it is moisture wicking. The material dries very quickly, making it an ideal choice for athletic and swimwear.

This strong and durable fabric is naturally bacteria resistant. It also blocks ultraviolet rays, giving it an advantage for outdoor clothing.

Lycra Fabric

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  • Fast and High Quality I was very impressed with both the shipping speed and product quality. I placed my order on a Wednesday and it arrived the following Tuesday! I got the heavy spandex, and it stretches quite nicely! The colors are good, and there was no strong smell (in the past i have ordered custom printed items and they have smelled weird). All in all I definitely recommend!

  • Excellent quality for large order I needed to get 400 images printed on Lycra Heavy Matte fabric. Contrado did a great job - the image was sharp and the colors were excellent. Plus, shipping was extremely fast. I would definitely use them again.

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