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Pillow Fabric


Pillow Fabric can help you create beautiful pieces for your home, whether you're after some added luxury, fashionable statements or hard-wearing pieces. Read our guide to find the best Pillow / cushion fabric for your project.

What is Pillow fabric?

Pillow fabric is any fabric that can be used to make cushions or pillows. There is a huge variety of materials available for creating cushions, and the fabric you choose can influence the style and character of the entire room. By designing custom Pillow fabric online, you'll get a sense of the aesthetic of your piece and understand what design and fabric suits your particular needs.

Some cushion materials can also be used to create bedding, throws, and for some crafts.

Both organic, natural fibers and synthetic fibers can be used to create Pillow fabrics, and are available in a variety of weights and finishes. The texture of your chosen material determines the final feel of the product, and whether it is purely decorative, or functional too.

Popular Pillow fabrics include:

  • Marbled Velvet - elegant and sumptuous, super soft velvet.
  • Cotton Linen - a blend of natural cotton and linen fabrics.
  • Lima Cotton Lawn - a lightweight, smooth, cool and hard-wearing fabric.
  • Cotton Satin - a classic satin made from natural cotton.
  • Soft Velvet - soft and luxurious to the touch.
  • Real Silk Satin - 100% natural silk, lightweight fabric made of a satin weave.

How is it manufactured?

Every fabric is manufactured differently, dependent on what it's comprised of and whether it is a natural or synthetic material. Cushion materials spans a broad range of fabrics, and the weight and texture of the fabric determines its manufacturing process. Natural materials use cotton and similar substances and break them down into fibers, before weaving them as yarns. Chemicals are often used to create synthetic materials.

What is Pillow Fabric Used For?

Cushion fabric can be both functional and fashionable; dazzling cushions can add some style to a room, or tie together a color scheme. They also add comfort to your living area; whether it's on your sofa for guests to get comfy, or on your bed for some extra coziness. You can buy your Pillow fabric by the meter to get the custom measurements you need for your cushion-making. 

Consider where your cushions will be used, and what design you'd like to print on them. Certain fabrics, such as the organic half-panama cotton, have an unbleached finish meaning flecks of cotton seed will be visible through your design. For a soft cushion, try a variety of velvet, and for a luxury cushion, satin or silk is the perfect option. 


Cushion fabric properties can vary greatly. From silky satin and smooth to more durable and sturdy canvas, there is something to suit everyone. These are the main three categories that cushion materials fall under:


  • Generally best in silk, satin or a smooth material
  • Adds an essence of luxury to your home
  • Possibly more for style than function
  • Shows off your designs beautifully
  • Lightweight material


  • Thicker and sturdier materials
  • Has more of a structure than silky fabrics
  • Can withstand general wear and tear
  • Perfect if the cushions will be used frequently, or with little ones at home


  • Super comfy and cozy, yet still durable
  • Perfect for added comfort in your bedroom
  • Still balances function with fashion
  • Not as structured as sturdier fabrics

Advantages of Pillow fabric

Pillow fabric is incredibly versatile, and there's a huge range of different textures, weights and finishes to choose from. Think about the purpose of your cushions; where will they be displayed? Will they be used or admired? In which room? Cushions can easily tie together the theme of a room, so it's important to make sure you choose the best material for you.