I’m ,pattern designer and Visual artist. I started working in the art world when I was 13 years old, my first interaction with art was when I discovered graffiti.

Since then I have been pulled even deeper into the amazing world of art and design. I have done drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures, and undertaken all sorts of other artistic ventures. I wanted to know more about what art was, and this is still my drive my passion. When you are producing some new design, some new paintings, -you have this amazing feeling that you are giving something to this world.

Since 2011 I have been based in the UK,following my passion in London.

My creativity is free, and not restricted by any rules. I do whatever I feel has artistic value.
I love to make quick sketches. It’s like artistic fitness to me; it helps me to develop my artistic insights. The most important thing to me is the constant discovery; you can never be happy with the past, but always have to try to find something new to fulfil your full potential.

This is why I’m always seeking more opportunities and more challenges in order to discover new things about myself.

Artist-SG-DESIGNS is my new challenge.

I keep seeing singers, artists, famous people with exceptional outfits;,- they are truly expressing themselves.

With my designs I want to give everyone the opportunity to be seen. and to celebrate that they alive -! Welcome to Artist-SG Designs-!




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