Holly Helgeson Designs

Welcome!! Thank you for stopping by my store!!

My name is Holly Helgeson, and I am a surface pattern designer and illustrator. Not only am I in love with Mid-Century Modern design, but most of my own work is also highly inspired by that era.  I enjoy creating patterns that are bold, colorful, and have clean lines and simple modern forms.  

Ever since I was a child I have had a deep passion for creating art. Some of my earliest memories involve an old cigar box full of peeled crayons and a roll of butcher block paper. Many hours of my childhood were spent in my treehouse drawing “masterpieces".

These days, in between running after my three crazy kids, I am sketching and researching new designs and patterns. My signature style is playful and quirky with a hand drawn feel and lots of colour. I find great inspiration from vintage fabrics, mid-century modern style, geometric patterns, nature and vintage books and magazines. My deepest passion is to create art that will bring a smile to all who see it! 

Minnesota, USA