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Funny and a little naughty Boxer Briefs with a photo from Apollo 16 mission of the Moon's eastern limb and far side. The dark areas on the edge are Mare Crisium and Mare Smythii. For those curious about facts, Al Worden (Command Module Pilot for Apollo 15) clarifies, "...there are two things that are important to understand: there's the far side of the Moon and then there's the dark side of the Moon. They are two different things. The far side is the side away from the Earth and the dark side is the side away from the Sun. On our flight the Moon was about half lit, so there was about half a Moon." *** HAND MADE IN LONDON in 1-2 DAYS ***  NOTE: Personalise by adding name or remove text in fields provided. £5 from every Boxer Briefs you buy will go directly to the PROSTATE CANCER UK.
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Dark Side of the Moon Boxer Briefs


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