"Unmasked" Bodycon Dress

Stylishly asymmetrical, this design features each half of the loving couple on the front and back of the dress. Read on to discover the story behind the design: *Like a set of cogs we search for our other half. Without our other slotted between our grooves, we come to a halt. A never-ending treasure hunt begins, while a haze of nostalgia seeps out from our soul, lighting the way. Finally we touch. Our smooth bones overlap, creating cocoons of safety. Here the couple wear animal skulls as masks, representing our animalistic tendencies that come to play when we finally come together as one, engulfed in pure passion, intertwined, wrapped, connected... our deepest selves coming to play, masking that which is visible to the world, and bringing to the surface that which is hidden. A secret world others can only dream of. Within our secret world we see nothing but each other. Our own story brims in our eyes, reflecting the path to our future. We see through our exterior to our single soul, sharing a flame within the darkness. We, born as one, reunite.*

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