Visual Issues Goods

Visual Issues Goods offers contemporary fashion and home accessories created by graphic designer Traci Larson. The surface designs are adapted from the #dailydoodle project, a series of visual experimentations in painting, drawing and collage, created and shared daily on Instagram starting in 2016.

This consistent daily practice removes the pressure from each piece and allows for a freedom of expression and original creation unencumbered by self-judgment or pre-conceived ideas. While the color palettes are often bright, bold and graphic, color is part of the experimentation, and some pieces are muted, subtle or monochrome. 

Visual Issues Goods takes a look back at the experiments and brings the stand-out pieces to life on t-shirts, dresses, shoes and home goods. 

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Visual Issues Goods

Printed clothing and home goods featuring contemporary designs. Bold graphics and colors offer a fresh take on printed accessories.