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What is White Label Clothing? How Does it Differ from Private Labelling?

what is white label clothing

At Contrado, we offer a number of services including white labeling. This is a phrase that tends to be thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?

What is white label clothing?

Put simply, it is a product that is produced, with no branding whatsoever. We would make the product and you, the artist, would rebrand it to make it your own. This makes it appear as though the product has been made by you.

What’s the difference from private labeling?

Another alternative to white labeling is private labeling. This is also a service that Contrado can offer you on almost our entire range. This is where we would put your label onto the clothing from the outset. Most of the garment range on the Contrado website gives you the option to design your own label.

white labelling clothing

How to white label clothing

This is one of the few times that the clue isn’t really in the name. Although a possibility, it’s unlikely that white label products will be sent to you with a white label. Unless you have your own label printing machine, receiving an item of clothing with a blank label, already stitched into your pre-made product is not going to be of much help to you.

Rather, white label clothing is often entirely unbranded. With no branding label and only the necessary safety and care labels. Think of the difference between the label in the back of a t-shirt collar, and the one on the left side seam.

white label products

How to sell white label products

White label products would usually be sent straight from us, to you. You can then brand them yourself to sell on; whether that be at a market, event or in a shop – online or traditional brick & mortar buildings.

Your re-branding could be something as simple as packaging in a specific bag, box or other methods, which are branded with your company logo, name and/or any website or contact details. Alternatively, it could be something more intricate such as a tag or label, inside or outside of the garment, an embroidered logo on a sleeve or collar, or whatever your signature mark is.

importance of branding

How to private label products

This can be done within the Contrado design interface. Within the product options for most of the clothing range, you have a section at the bottom called ‘Label Options’. Here you have the choice to either leave the label blank (white labeling option) or to design it (private labeling option).

If you select ‘design label’, then the label will appear as an extra area to customize. Take, for example, the men’s cut and sew t-shirt. You can design the front, the right and left sleeves (separately), the back and the neck rib as standard. If you choose to design the label, it will appear as an extra area you can customize at the end, with its own preview.

design your own label

How to sell private label clothing

There is much more flexibility when it comes to selling private label products, as they don’t have to be sent to you first. This is because they are already branded with your logo, company name, or details just for you. This means that you can order them to be sent directly to your customers if you like. Alternatively, you can order in bulk and sell them anywhere without having to do anything to them in between.

On the Contrado marketplace, you have the ability to open a store, which you can use to sell your clothing range. All you need to do is add your design to the products. When you’re happy with them, add them to your store. You can then use your social media and the powers of networking to promote your private label product range, and your customers can order directly from there.

create your own white label clothing

Why branding is so important

Branding is not just putting your name against something and saying, “I did that!”. Well, it is partially, but also so much more. Your brand is how a customer sees you. It represents their entire experience of your company, products, and service. It is what distinguishes you from everyone else: your rivals, your competition, and the rest.

We take this very seriously, which is why every order that you place with us is made especially for you. Everything is handmade to order and undergoes stringent quality checks at every stage. We use high-quality fabrics, and high-grade materials as well as modern digital printing techniques. Not only will you expect the best when ordering from us, but your customers will also receive the best when ordering from you.

private labelling products

Get started

Whether you want private label or white label clothing, we can cater to your needs and together, we can make a fantastic clothing range for your brand. Whether you are looking to open a store in our marketplace, apply for a wholesale account, or set up drop-shipping so that you can sell through Shopify, simply click below to get the ball rolling.

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  • Hello,

    My name is Agnese and I am looking for white label fitness cloting solution.
    I am starting my fitness brand AH Fitness Tribe, where I would do my fitness training, nutrition tips and I would like to add my fitness clothing line and fitness accessories.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Agnese! Adding a fitness clothing line and accessories sounds amazing! We offer customize labels on most of our products, including clothing. We’ve also got some amazing fitness and athleisure products – high waisted leggings, tons of shirt styles, gym bags, yoga mats, swimwear, joggers, socks, and more! You can find our full clothing line here: and check out our accessories line here: We also offer dropshipping and wholesale services, as well as opening your own Contrado store, and you can find more information on all of that here:

      We would be honored to make the clothing and accessories for your fitness line. Best of luck on AH Fitness Tribe, it sounds like an amazing brand! 🙂

  • Hi what clothing do you have for which i can place my own brand? Jackets, dresses or blouses pants jeans etc?

    • Hi Marilyn! We’ve got a huge range of clothing – everything from basics like t-shirts and leggings to kimonos, bomber jackets, flounce skirts, button dresses, swim shorts, turtlenecks and so much more. Find our entire range here: 🙂

  • I’m from India so I crave to sell clothings on my own brand in London. So I run my own company in India. My question is to, how can I sell clothes with my own brand name in London. Can I register my company in England as per England laws and regulations. I’m fully interested in Please help me.

  • Hi not sure if you will get my email lm look for a white label for clothing joggers t-shirts low leggings socks bags high waisted leggings sweater pants tops and jeans and pants jacket skirts dresses shorts etc. For men and women and kids plus size

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