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White & Private Label Dropshipping – Your Ultimate Guide for 2021

When running an online store, you have many options at your disposal to help increase your sales and improve brand awareness. From website redesign to product range overhaul, dropshippers can use various tactics to boost their business performance. However, one of the most tried and tested methods involves private or white labeling the items in your product range.

This handy guide will discuss exactly what private label dropshipping is and how it can help your dropshipping business. We’ll then touch on how we can help kickstart your private labeling strategy. Allowing you to start increasing your sales today!

Private & White Label Dropshipping – What You Need to Know

White/private label dropshipping is a strategy employed by many dropshippers. It increases brand awareness and grows sales volume. Essentially, this strategy boils down to putting your branding on products which will, in turn, make the products more appealing to potential customers. In fact, an article by Forbes stated that presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%!

White and private label dropshipping do have some key distinctions you need to be aware of. A white label product is a standardized product produced by a manufacturer and then rebranded by the dropshipper themselves. White label products do not contain any branding, allowing the store owner to manually customize the label, packaging, and many other elements of the item

private label dropshipping

Private Labelling 101

Private label products differ slightly. The manufacturer will produce the product with the custom branding associated with the dropshipping store that has made the purchase. This strategy is employed by many private label clothing drop shippers. The manufacturer will print the store’s logo and branding on the label of the apparel item. As the branding is completed during the production process, dropshippers do not have to worry about manually customizing their products. This saves a lot of time if sales volume is high.

Through private and white labeling, dropshippers can create their own unique brand and begin to increase awareness. Having branded products instead of unbranded adds a much more professional feel to an online store. It can ensure your business stands out from the competition. Ultimately, the decision to go with white or private labeling depends on how much volume your business does and how hands-on you wish to be.

How Private Labeling Can Benefit Your Dropshipping Business

As touched on previously, having a consistent brand presence can boost revenue and help differentiate your business from the competition. However, there are many additional benefits to private and white labeling that it’s wise to be aware of. One of the main benefits is customer trust. Imagine choosing between an unbranded t-shirt and a t-shirt with the logo of a well-known brand. Chances are, you’ll find the latter option more appealing than the former.

Another benefit of private label dropshipping is the potential to lower operating costs. If you are running a dropshipping business selling unbranded goods, you’ll have to employ a much more extensive and in-depth marketing campaign to increase awareness and generate sales. However, if you opt for a white/private labeling approach and develop a brand identity, there is a greater chance that potential customers will come to you as your brand grows over time. In turn, this will reduce the amount of marketing that needs to be completed, thereby decreasing operating expenses.

Why Product Branding is so Important

With branded products, you can even charge a higher price point, which will increase margins. Data from Bonfire Marketing highlights that 91% of consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand. Therefore, branded goods can consequently have a higher price tag attached. Potential customers will still find them more appealing compared to unbranded items.

The benefits above simply scratch the surface of the potential that white and private label dropshipping is capable of. At Contrado, we are big advocates of branded goods. So much so that we’ve designed our dropshipping service to make the whole process super simple. We’ll show you how we can automate this entire process for you. Then you to sit back and reap the rewards!

How Contrado Can Help with Private & White Label Dropshipping

Whether you’re white labeling or private labeling, we can certainly help you implement this strategy. When you partner with Contrado, you can add your unique branding to the clothing items that you order. This is super straightforward and can be completed during the design process. When designing your apparel item, simply head to the ‘Label Options’ section of the design interface. You can choose to leave the label blank or add your custom branding to it.

If you do decide to customize the label, you can then let your creative freedom run wild! Many of our customers choose to place their dropshipping store’s logo on the label. This adds a unique touch to the item. You can even add some text too. Whether it’s a motivational quote or your company’s mission statement, the options are endless!

If you opt for white label products, then we will leave the label blank. Therefore, you can brand the items yourself. However, this would mean that the items are sent to you before going to the customer, which adds another step to the delivery process. This isn’t the case for private labeling. Once produced and branded, we’d send the item straight to your customer!

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How Do We Do It?

You’re probably wondering how we make this process so smooth? Well, at Contrado, we integrate directly with your online store. We automatically receive the details of orders placed with you. Then we begin producing the item(s) that your customer ordered and implement your chosen branding if you opt for private labeling. After the item has been manufactured, we package and ship it directly to your customer using one of our super-fast delivery partners. Easy peasy!

Finally, we also offer our very own ‘Branding Station’ which is specially designed for dropshippers. This feature allows you to add both a customized fabric label and care label to apparel items. In addition, you’re also able to customize the despatch note. You can even add a personalized thank you message to your customers. All of this can be customized to your exact requirements within our Branding Station. Making your online store stand out from the crowd.

Get Started Private Label Dropshipping Today

Private and white label dropshipping is an amazing way to increase your sales and improve customer loyalty. Through our easy-to-use dropshipping service, we make the branding process quick and simple, so you can focus on other areas of your dropshipping business. If you’re interested in private/white labeling your products, click the banner to get started today!

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