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101 Positive Affirmations For Creatives – Affirmation T-Shirts to Inspire

Your words become your reality, so it’s important to keep these words positive in order to lift yourself up. That’s why affirmation t-shirts should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. A positive mindset encourages both productivity and creativity, meaning you are more likely to achieve your goals and dreams. And what better way to be reminded of this than on your very own affirmation T-shirt!

If you’re a struggling artist and want to get your artwork out into the world, we can help you achieve this. With Contrado you can print and sell your designs easily.

Take inspiration from these positive affirmations or even incorporate them into your beautiful t-shirt designs. Either way, they will help to uplift you and brighten up your day. It’s time to attract the positive vibes and grant you and your art prosperity.

Positive Affirmation Inspiration For Artists

In a creative rut, or doubting yourself and your capabilities? This is completely normal, however, we don’t want to stay in that negative mindset for long. Here are some positive affirmations to uplift and inspire, as well as incorporate into your t-shirt design.

  1. My aura is magnetic.
  2.  With my art, I am inspiring others and impacting lives.
  3. I have an abundance of creative energy.
  4. Through hard work and determination, I am progressing my artistic skills every single day. 
  5. People are intrigued by me and my art.
  6. I am full of endless creative energy.
  7. New people are noticing my artworks each and every day.
  8. My creativity flows easily and effortlessly.
  9. I radiate love and inspire others.
  10. I am enough. My art is enough.
  11. I have unlimited creativity and the ability to create something meaningful. 
  12. The artist is already present within me.
  13. I am exactly where I’m meant to be on my artistic journey.
  14. I express my unique creativity in everything I do.
  15. I am creative and have the will to take advantage of my talents.
  16. Creativity flows through each cell in my body.
  17. I am incredibly creative and imaginative.
  18. There is meaning in everything I create.
  19. I will easily come up with new ideas.
  20. Innovative ideas come to me on a daily basis.
  21. My imagination is boundless.
  22. With my art, I create beauty and magic.
  23. I open myself to a life of creativity.
  24. I am always developing as an artist.
  25. I fully accept myself and know I am worthy of achieving great things in life. 
  26. I am grateful to share my artistic gifts with the world.
  27. Creating art is healing my soul.
  28. I am worthy of being an artist.
  29. I compare myself only to who I was yesterday, and acknowledge my personal growth.
  30. Every day I’m more confident in myself.

Affirmation T-shirts For Small Businesses

Having the courage and drive to launch a small business is extremely admirable. Of course, it doesn’t come without its trials. Here are some positive affirmations to attract prosperity to your small business and create beautiful affirmation t-shirts.

  1. It is my right to allow into my life wealth, happiness and success.
  2. I invest in myself and in my business every day.
  3. I am destined to achieve what I want to achieve.
  4. I am persistent in all that I do.
  5. I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way.
  6. I will transform obstacles into opportunities with grace and creativity.
  7. I attract prosperity and abundance easily and effortlessly.
  8. I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.
  9. I am a magnet for all things I seek. I attract. What I desire will simply find me.
  10. I attract success and prosperity in abundance.
  11. I am successful.
  12. I am focused, excited and ready to take on whatever comes on my way today with a positive attitude.
  13. Money flows to me easily.
  14. I can achieve any result I want when I put my mind to it.
  15. My business is a huge success.
  16. What I focus on grows and so I focus on my business.
  17. My income is constantly increasing.
  18. I easily attract sales.
  19. Everything I need to be successful is available to me.
  20.  I have the ability to adapt to changes as they occur.
  21. I am firmly on the path of achievement.
  22. Being successful is natural for me.
  23. I provide a product that people want and need.
  24. I do not seek perfection, but progress, and view my mistakes as a sign of exploration and growth. 
  25. All my thoughts and efforts lead me to the success I desire.
  26. I release pessimism and doubt about achieving my goals.
  27. I plan my work and work my plan.
  28. I am financially stable.
  29. I love the freedom my business provides for me.
  30. The passion I have for my work enables me to create real value.
  31. I am always in the right place and right time because this is the only place and the only time.
  32. I am not intimidated by success. I welcome it.
  33. I am making a difference in this world with my business.
  34. There are no limits to what I can achieve.
  35. I have the power, the intelligence, and the capability to achieve any goal.
  36. I love what I do.
  37. I sell my ideas because I believe in my ideas.
  38. I enjoy the challenge of achieving my goals.
  39. Success and growth are inevitable outcomes of my work.

Positive Affirmation T-shirts For Happiness

Your overall happiness in life is the most important thing. When you prioritize your happiness, everything else in life seems to fall into place. So here are some positive affirmations to get you into a positive and productive headspace.

  1. In life I always get what I give out and I always give out love.
  2. I am releasing all expectations that are are draining me of my energy and happiness. I am loved, I am worthy. I am enough.
  3. I deserve happiness and love and I am open to receive.
  4. Every day is joyful.
  5. I am whole.
  6. Abundance flows through my day — I have all the love, confidence and strength to have the most amazing day.
  7. I am creating the life I deserve to live.
  8. I am going to accomplish all of my dreams.
  9. I am a radiant and joyous person.
  10. In this moment, I give myself permission to release bad and toxic thoughts and allow the good energy to flow in.
  11. I choose to be happy.  I choose to be healthy.
  12. I am happy.  I am successful.  I am fulfilled.
  13. I feel so much joy and happiness in this moment and radiate that energy throughout my day.
  14. Every day I am getting happier and happier.
  15. I choose to be positive and I choose to feel good.
  16. I choose to be grateful.
  17. I am unique.
  18. I have everything I need to be happy right now.
  19. I am grateful, fully appreciative for all that I have and all the love that is here in my life today.
  20. I am beautiful on the inside and outside.
  21. I have everything I need in myself.
  22. I love myself and I love my life.
  23. Everyday I continue to grow and become stronger.
  24. I radiate love, my confidence is soaring.
  25. Today I stay mindful to feel the good that surrounds me, stay positive throughout the day as it surrounds my whole being.
  26. I can handle any obstacle, I am so strong.
  27. I am happy, I am wealthy, I am unapologetically myself.
  28. This abundance of love and positive energy allows me to step into my day able to accomplish all that I can, into my mission, into my words and into this moment.
  29. I accept myself and I love myself.
  30. Good things belong to me.
  31. I am proud of myself.
  32. I believe in myself. I know I always achieve great things.

Bring The Positivity To Life With Your Own Affirmation T-shirts

Now that you’ve gained some inspiration and are hopefully feeling uplifted, it’s time to create affirmation t-shirts that will not only inspire you, but others too.

At Contrado you can bring your art to life and create something that others can wear when feeling uninspired. We print, cut, and sew all our custom T-shirts by hand. With an all-over print and so many customizable options, like your very own label, you can create something to be really proud of.

So put your beautiful designs alongside these positive affirmations and create a stylish yet uplifting wardrobe staple. Your custom T-shirts will be unique and refreshing. We hope your wonderful affirmation t-shirts will remind you to keep a positive mindset even in troubling times.

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