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Curious Nature collection

This month, we partnered with UK-based artist Marcello Velho to create a collection of clothing and accessories that celebrate sustainability and the power of nature. In this blog, we’ll be sharing 5 tips from Marcello to help make your new or growing business more sustainable. 1 – Make your art process more sustainable Marcello’s tip: […]

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We’re all well-read on the formula, ‘natural fabrics = good,’ but is crafting with eco-friendly fabrics seriously worth it for your brand? In our London factory, we also supply synthetic fabrics and blends that are printed on-demand (and boast their fair share of benefits). Still, we’re singing the praises of our natural fabrics today to […]

For Artists

Betty Grove's Wallpaper

We’ve been seeing more and more quirky animal motifs and color-popping wallpaper designs in our marketplace this season. Enter Betty Grove, a French-born illustrator and designer who lives and works in England. Betty has collaborated with us to create bold patterns and big-energy animal art wallpapers inspired largely by nature and Japanese woodblock prints. In […]

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nature inspired wallpaper

Forget paint. When a room screams out for a makeover, nothing beats unique, artist-designed wallpaper. And so, we’ve collaborated with Irish artist Anna Deegan to bring you nature-themed wallpaper for walls that’ll propel any room into a home’s crown jewel. Long, dreamy walks and retro 70’s prints are among the many things that have inspired […]

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how to hang wallpaper

Ever wondered how to hang wallpaper by yourself? At Contrado, we’re all about giving your homes an instant floor-to-ceiling makeover with wallpaper that is super easy to hang and brings colour, comfort and painterly mastery to any room they grace. More than anything, you’ll fall in starry-eyed love with our premium and self-adhesive wallpapers that […]