Design Your Own T-Shirt for Ladies/11

From classic wardrobe essentials to more fashion-forward styles, you can design your own t-shirt for any occasion. Flaunt your fabulous style and design your own t-shirt.

Design Your Own T-Shirt & Give This Everyday Essential a Makeover

Long sleeved, short sleeved, slouch style; the array of t-shirts that adorn the high street shelves is expansive, but you'll never find one that doesn't exist in someone else's wardrobe. With us here at Contrado design your own t-shirt and transform this everyday staple into a serious style statement. We use the finest Jersey fabrics, of which 3 are used for our custom t-shirt making. The heavyweight jersey is soft and elasticated, with sportswear among its many uses, whereas our Bounce Cotton Jersey is a lively fabric with a gorgeous natural drape. The standard 4.72 oz jersey is a popular choice for t-shirt printing; it feels soft against the skin and because it's more opaque than lighter jerseys we have, lighter colors show up really well. Each top comes with a Jersey fabric option so choose the weight that suits you when you design your own t-shirt. 

Print your original artwork, graphics or designer motifs for an original way to express your personality. You can pair your t-shirts with anything from faded jeans to cute peplum skirts in the summer, and coming in 8 sizes, they're ideal for any figure.