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personal branding tips for artists

It’s worth braving the crowds at the British Museum to see ‘Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave’ this summer. Aside from the insights into Japanese culture and image-making, there’s a lot of personal branding tips for artists to learn and how to make a living from your art. This is so relevant to modern creative practice. Hokusai’s broad […]

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creating logo merchandise

Calling all small businesses! Are you ready to take the leap and start selling logo merchandise? It can be overwhelming to know where to start, especially if you have no design or eCommerce experience. We will be your guide in all things logo merchandise, from selecting products to designing and everything in between. Below, we […]

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summer fabrics

8 of the Best Fabric for Summer Clothing There’s nothing worse than that sticky, sweaty feeling when it’s ‘el scorchio’. You rather want to flail your arms around in that envious care-free summer manner. So, when the weather is hot hot hot, make sure you’re not not not that person everyone avoids on the tube and discover our pick of the best […]

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best baby fabrics for your little one

Often, when people start making their own clothes, they’ll start with children’s. There are a number of reasons behind this: they can’t find what they’re looking for in stores, they’re making a gift rather than buying for someone, and sometimes, because they are smaller than adult clothes, they’re a bit easier for a beginner. Whatever […]

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artists that love nature

Welcome to our 3rd edition of our meet the Contrado artists series. The talent found within our Contrado artists is truly endless. Today we have found four artists that all have something in common, an inspiration and reflection within nature. These painters and digital designers each have such a unique take on expressing their inspirations […]