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artists that love nature

Welcome to our 3rd edition of our meet the Contrado artists series. The talent found within our Contrado artists is truly endless. Today we have found four artists that all have something in common, an inspiration and reflection within nature. These painters and digital designers each have such a unique take on expressing their inspirations […]

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what is a kimono

When traditional fashion fuses with contemporary style, beautiful things can happen. At Contrado, we love creating exciting clothing, which inspires our customers to design. One of our favorite pieces of personalized apparel, is the customized kimono. This adaptable and beautiful piece has been designed in-house. It combines influences from the classic kimono jacket, and mixes them with […]

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best fabrics cosplay

Playing dress-up is a childhood pastime that is just as fun now as it was then. But costume making has evolved since the days of fashioning capes out of trash bags and applying blotchy face paint. The Cosplay that we know today is a giant subculture and community where TV, film, gaming, comic book fans take the fancy dress to the next level, […]

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best fabrics for underwear

When it comes to the best fabric for underwear and lingerie, it will all depend on your….desired usage, if you know what I mean. From sexy baby dolls to the more practical slips for defining your shape, lingerie can be worn alone or as underwear. Making your own lingerie is an empowering sewing project, especially as you get to make something perfectly […]