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Meet the Artists #2: Pattern Design- Bright and Bold

bold patterns

Welcome to the 2nd addition of Meet the Contrado Artists: Pattern Design- Bright and Bold

In the last addition of meet the artists, we took an in depth look at the lives and techniques of various Contrado artists. Today we are diving into a more specific category, colorful patterns. The chosen artists never shy away from color and their pattern creations never fail to catch our eye.

The Contrado Creatives

Rosie Brown

bright watercolor patterns
Silk Sensation Scarf

Rosie Brown is a Cuban artist living in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Her inspiration comes from her tropical surroundings, creating a warm feel within each piece. Full of lively colors, seascapes, exotic flora and fauna, tropical birds and dazzling plant life.

Rosie has painted her entire life. Inspired by her environment and Cuban culture, you can feel the light and colors which they bring to her work. With a largely abstract style and tropical palette, these designs will transport you to a dreamy location far from the everyday humdrum.

Her creations start with a photograph. A snap shot of something that has inspired her. This then translates into a new medium, and develops into Rosie’s distinct, abstract style. Rosie’s shop has a mix of unique patterns mixed with gorgeous watercolor paintings. Printed onto a range of items from rugs and chairs to notebooks and wraps, Rosie Brown’s collection will fill your with warmth and happiness.

Genece Hamby

floral, printed scarves
Flowers of Paradise Scarf

Genece Hamby is an artist from the Midwest that mainly focuses on surface pattern designs. From geo shapes to florals, Genece’s designs are quite the mix of classic styles. Her patterns are expertly done and filled with beaming colors that will instantly up your mood.

Before becoming a fine artist and designer in 2007, Hamby was a branding and marketing communications consultant. She did not discover her fine arts talent until later in life, making it a passion that she shaped her life around. While evolving her art more into design and illustration, Hamby began to take classes on surface pattern design.

Her creative process is filled with daily practice of digital painting, illustration and design. She uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create her surface pattern designs. She describes her creative process as “deeply intuitive” sharing that it begins with opening a blank digital file, picking a color and simply letting go.


Based in NY, ElectrickInk is a creator of spontaneous, abstract scarves. She describes her scarves as wearable art, which are created through the inspirations of people and nature. Her designs are aimed for anyone who wants to amplify their mood with a lovely, bright scarf.

bohemian high quality scarf
Botanical Print Scarf

ElectrickInk has been designing for about two years, with plans of only expanding her collection. It all began with the concept of taking colorings and printing scarves. She hopes her designs delights and empowers other people as much as they do for her.

Her creations begins with patterns and colors and then she sees how they frame out when they are ready to print. Matching up the design with the right material is also a big part of creating the perfect final design.

Holly Helgeson

Mid-century modern obsessed designer, Holly Helgeson, never shies away from vibrant patterns. Based in Minnesota, Helgeson has always had a deep passion for art. Her surface pattern designs are clean and quirky, making her designs so uniquely her own.

mid-century modern home decor
Geo Seed Decorative Plate

Holly’s passion for art began as a child, she spent hours “creating” and making art out of regular household items. Now not much has changed as she is still always creating, but this time it is her playful geometric surface patterns. Her inspiration comes from vintage fabrics, mid-century modern style, geometric patterns, nature, vintage books and magazines.

She always begins with putting pen to paper, a technique that she feels gives her artwork a playful hand drawn quality. After drawing in her sketchbook, she will scan everything into Photoshop where she cleans up the designs, repeats the patters and adds color.

We have so many talented #ContradoCreatives that we are very proud of. Browse and immerse yourself in their artistic talent.

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