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Meet the Artists #3: Art That Reflects Nature

artists that love nature

Welcome to our 3rd edition of our meet the Contrado artists series.

The talent found within our Contrado artists is truly endless. Today we have found four artists that all have something in common, an inspiration and reflection within nature. These painters and digital designers each have such a unique take on expressing their inspirations of nature. From florals to feathers, these artist’s pieces with give you a new appreciation for the beauty found on our Earth.

The Contrado Creatives


bold, nature prints

Located in the natural paradise of Nova Scotia, Amaya is a self taught watercolor painter that is continually inspired by the ocean. Vibrant saturated colors mixed with stunning patterns are what make her pieces one of a kind. All of her designs carry the central theme of nature, however she believes that her work does not have a very distinct style. Her variety of styles come from her surroundings and how she feels on a day to day basis.

Although she joined the artistic world a few years back, her interest in creating and designing started at a very young age. Always drawing and doodling, it was obvious that she was meant to be an artist. The artists that influence Amaya the most are the ones who push boundaries and create something distinct.

Most of her ideas come from the outdoor activities that she spends time doing, such as boulder free climbing and hiking. Once these ideas spark, she translates them onto paper. Finally, her work is taken into Photoshop where it is worked on to be presented and executed.

quirky, eclectic home decor
Ginkgo Flush Round Floor Cushion


warm, watercolor art

Originally from Jamaica, ANoelleJay is an independent fine artist and designer living in Brooklyn. Alicia started ANoelleJay in 2014 as a way to show her work to the world. Her designs embody the warmth and vivid colors of her Caribbean roots. Inspired by the environment, her work perfectly depicts the beauty and wonder of the world we live in.

ANoelleJay’s work is very versatile which really creates the imaginative feel that she strives for. Never afraid to experiment with techniques and bright colors, ANoelleJay is always working to push beyond her comfort zone.

The beginning of ANoelleJay was her opportunity to try and follow tangible goals with her art. She strives to create a new piece every week or finish an old piece. After setting these creative goals, ANoelleJay finds that creating has become more natural and her aspirations have become larger.

bright home decor
Environmental Considerations Deep Sea Bubbles Cake Stand


floral inspired designs

Flowers are one of the most lovely aspects of nature. Designer and gardener Enfleurage, or Niña , creates floral inspired designs that will quickly spark an appreciation for gardens. Currently living in Denver, Niña is constantly surrounded by the natural beauty of the west.

Originally from New York City, Niña grew up surrounded by countless museums and galleries that never failed to inspire her artistic talents. Iconic artists and designers such as Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren were all living in Manhattan at the time of her upbringing. Therefore, being so fond of these artistic icons made Niña want to pursue an education in the arts.

After an extended career as a design editor for several house and garden magazines, Niña now creates functional art for the home and to wear with her original botanical photographs. Her detailed floral photographs are perfect for those who love bold colors and fresh elements of nature.

colorful home decor
Silk Pillow-Broken Tulip

Isabel Manns

florals for spring

Parson’s School of Design graduate, Isabel Manns, creates feminine and bold work. Her floral and colorful prints are unique yet timeless, making her collection perfect for any lover of beauty and nature.

Isabel has been designing for over 10 years, beginning with painting and drawing as a child. However, her passion for art and design quickly developed into digital print design alongside designing womenswear clothing. Isabel aims her designs at people who admire fun colors and pattern but she doesn’t believe there is really an age limit on her art.

Her collection was created through drawing and painting flowers or patterns as they are in nature. After than, she mixes her drawings with photographs she has taken which creates the finished product.

floral,spring swimsuit
Floral Strapless Swimsuit

These Contrado artists each have such individually unique pieces that all reflect the beauty of nature. Inspiration truly is everywhere! If you are itching to feel more inspired, make sure to scroll through the distinctive styles of all of our Contrado artists.

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