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Want to Make Money on Twitter? Read This First!

make money on twitter

Have you been wondering how to make money on Twitter? Well, here you have it, a full post just for you! You can make money on Twitter even easier than you think!

Whether you are a small business owner or someone wanting to make your own money, Twitter enables you to use its tools to your advantage. Anyone can use Twitter for personal or business use to gather information, express thoughts, and share different messages throughout a global audience.

Where do you start?

make money on twitter

Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work to break it down for you! If you’ve already set up an attractive profile with a following on Twitter, you’re ready to start making money on Twitter.

Step 1: Decide which direction you wish to go. You can get paid for sponsored tweets, promoting products, building a mailing list, or even generating traffic for your own website.

Step 2: Use various websites to begin making money on twitter.

Step 3: Stay in close contact with users you are paying to make you money and keep track of your activity through your business account.

1. Sponsored Tweets

follow twitter

One of the most popular ways of making money on Twitter is simply tweeting. Sites like and enable advertisers to monetize their tweets. You can make offers to various listed accounts to post your suggested tweets to gain publicity and increase your following.

When accounts accept your offer, you send the promoted tweet to the Twitter influencer to edit and then publish it. Once the tweet is posted, you will begin making money on Twitter! How many followers they have, what industry you’re both in, and how engaged their audience is will all determine how much the tweet is worth.

2. Twitter Ads and Traffic Generation

twitter ads

Through, business owners can set up various campaigns based on their goals and objectives. For example, Twitter card can tweet an image with a call to action. When people click this, their email and name are saved in an autoresponder system. This way, business owners can create mailing list subscribers or websites to promote their company.

Another way to make money on Twitter is by generating traffic to your site by including your website links in any and every way possible. Generating traffic through Twitter works by choosing a specific campaign or advertising objective and setting a budget and timeframe for it to run on. Once this starts you can watch your business grow through Twitter! For more information on making money through Twitter ads, check out our blog on Twitter Paid Advertising!

Businesses can also use the advance search feature on Twitter to join specific conversations to be more interactive. All you have to do is select a set of criteria for the conversation search and start engaging with your customers directly! Generating more traffic to your website and other business pages can create more sales for your business.

3. Affiliate Marketing

make money on twitter

Another way to make money on Twitter is by using endorsements. You can commission influential Twitter users to sell your product in their tweets. Sites like enable you to create a free account and have Twitter users choose to pick your product to promote.

Users can closely monitor their sales through their click bank account to see which products are being promoted more often and which are slacking. This option is more of a long-term effort as you must create quality content first and then promote your affiliate links.

How do corporations make money on Twitter?

corporations make money on twitter

Twitter accounts with big followings have usually created a pretty loyal customer base/following. This means more tweet engagements, more links clicked or shared, and simply more sales. Big Twitter accounts make their money through large followings and creative content.

Companies like Wendy’s or Popeyes are great examples of how to properly use your following and communication to your advantage. We have all heard of Wendy’s infamous Twitter comebacks to comments and posts from customers and even competitors. The snarky comments and witty remarks have landed Wendy’s a solid reputation in the social media world which ultimately has translated to their increasing demands and sales.

Similarly, when Popeyes released their chicken sandwich, the frenzy of fanatics on social media exploded the internet for a very long period of time. Popeyes simply promoted their new product and let their fan base increase their sales through Twitter engagements. Loyal customers made various reviews and humorous comments that increased Popeyes’ demand so much that they ran out of the product within days of launching it!

Make $1000 a month from Twitter starting from scratch

make $1000 on twitter

Once you have an appealing profile, the first thing you should do is start building your following based on your target audience. This is one of the most crucial steps to make money on Twitter because your followers are where most, if not all, of your money will come from. When you already have a good base following, say, 25-50 followers, you can start putting more content out.

You want to make sure your content aligns with your target audience’s interests and activities. Focus on your work and its value in your tweets while keeping your target customers in mind. Using the advance search and setting up Twitter campaign ads will increase your following and engagement with your account in general. Following these steps and advice listed above will help you reach $1000 a month from Twitter!

Monetizing your Twitter followers

make money on twitter

Twitter charges a pay-per-follow fee when you choose the followers campaign. This means that you only pay when you get a follow. In this case, you can specify your targeted audience through location, interests, and more to promote your account and tweets. To increase your followers on Twitter, share your best content that’s performed well and promote it further, instead of telling people to simply follow you because you’re a good company. Let your work speak for itself!

Although other Twitter campaigns or objectives help to increase followers, the followers campaign allows you to set a goal amount for your targeted audience. Each twitter follower costs only as much as you are willing to bid. The more you are willing to pay, the more impression share you can grab. Let’s say you add 26 followers, your total would be $3.49 or $0.13 per follower. The budget you set for this campaign, the attractiveness of your page, and the traction you get from it will ultimately determine the end price you pay per follower.

Twitter will actually give you a discount on your bid if people are more likely to follow you. So if more people follow you, Twitter will notice your traction and discount you on the price you pay. You can technically have a small following and still make somewhat of a profit if you have noticeable traction to your account. More followers mean more engagement, clicked links and shared pages, resulting in more sales!

Creative ways to make money on Twitter

creative ways

1. Don’t be afraid of the hashtags! This will increase awareness of your Twitter account and ultimately your business, so let your puns flow!

2. Take Twitter’s tips and guides with a grain of salt. Yes, Twitter will help you with free advice along your advertising path, but the best advice is found throughout the app itself and among fellow users. Collaborations with other businesses, whether in conversations or actual promotions, is always impactful.

3. Trends are your friends! Even if you may not understand them or think they’re dumb, trends can help promote your business whether you like it or not so why not take advantage of them! Be sure to educate yourself a bit before diving into following trends or trendsetting, but either way- have fun with it!

4. Don’t stray away from your target audience! These followers are loyal customers that you don’t want to let go of because they can share their good experiences with their followers which adds to more customers for you! Always keep them in mind when creating content or posts.

Now you know how to make money on Twitter!

make money on twitter

You now have the keys to make money on Twitter and expand your business to your heart’s desire! Use your page wisely and start making that well-earned money for all your hard work!

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