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Successful Instagram Artists That Will Inspire You To Aim For Greatness

If you are an artist or lover of art like we are, then we know you are always looking for unique and influential artists to follow on Instagram. As one of the most popular forms of social media, the app can be quite saturated. That is why we have compiled a list of successful Instagram artists to get you inspired.

We know that everyone’s definition of success is different, but we see it as those who have been bold enough to do what they love and share it with the world. These artists are successful as they are brave enough to share their creations.

Charlotte Edey

Charlotte is a British artist and illustrator that works with print, textiles, and even embroidery. Charlotte’s work explores the intersections of identity and the spiritual. Her artwork has been displayed in a few group shows across multiple locations, including one at the Design Museum in London. Her work has been featured by many big names such as Vanity Fair, Forbes, and The Evening Standard.

Nikkolas Smith

Nikkolas is a man of many talents, one of those talents being an incredible artist. His main focus is creating captivating and moving works of art that promote conversations. He focuses greatly on current events and topics in order to inspire meaningful change. Nikkolas makes art from the heart, therefore, there is no surprise that he has grown to become so popular. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, ABC, and many more. His art has even been shared by the likes of celebrities like Kendrick Lamar and Jamie Foxx.

Chiharu Shiota

Born in Japan and living in Berlin, Chiharu creates breathtaking art displays. Best known for her large scale thread instillations. She confronts relevant topics like life, death, and relationships. She explores human existence in a unique and wonderful way. Chiharu uses hundreds of miles of yarn, filling the gallery rooms with matted webs. She says that she uses “thread to represent the relationship between people.” Not only has she been successful on Instagram but she also received the Art Encouragement Prize from the Japanese Minister of Education.

Sari Shryack

Sari Shryack is an Austin based painter who created the Instagram page @not_sorry_art. Sari creates a variety of paintings that are vibrant in color, detail, and depth. She is trained in acrylics and has a BA in fine art. As a mother, she finds the time to make art and shares it with her followers on Instagram. Influenced by adult cartoons such as The Simpsons and what she sees when out and about in nature. Childhood trauma and therapy have also had a huge influence on her work.

Julia Powell

Powell started her Instagram back in 2016, growing her platform over the years. She sells her artwork through the platform for figures between $500 and $11,000, receiving inquiries daily. Her inquiries come through DMs as well as the galleries she is partnered with. She works between 5 to 9 hours per day on her art.

Julia is the perfect example of how even the best artists on Instagram had to start somewhere. It is never too late to grow your Instagram presence and sell your wonderful artwork.

Marilyne Verschueren

Better known as @beamingdesign on Instagram, Marilyne produces incredibly uplifting and spiritual prints. Marilyne creates gorgeous print designs in multiple colorways. She has said that she simply wants to share the images she has in her brain, the feelings she has, and the colors that communicate her message. It is her interpretation of the words and meanings she wants to get across. She produces her prints in multiple colorways as she believes that everyone will find a color that resonates with them. Art is a personal thing and different colors speak to different people. She wants the audience to feel the shapes, lines, and colors and to make each piece its own. Featured in Vogue Russia and followed by the likes of Kendal Jenner, her Instagram page has really blown up.

Abby Chaidash

Known as @collecturcoins, Abby creates wonderful drawings that she sells as tattoo designs. She describes her work as designs she “created with some earphones and run-down markers.” But if you’ve seen her work, it is anything but ordinary. Her “doodles” are unique, using thick lines and modern pop culture as inspiration. The detail and meaning injected into her designs are reflective of Abby, her as a person and her emotions.

Emeline Tate

Emeline is a British artist who has been producing art for over 20 years now. What started as a creative outlet and the need to fill her home with uplifting pieces of art soon became sought after designs and prints. Emeline discovered that it was rewarding to see her very own art on products. And not only that but people liked them enough to buy them. Emeline even partners with us at Contrado to sell her whimsical designs.

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