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How to Sell T-Shirts on Shopify – Complete Walkthrough for 2021

T-shirts – everyone has them. Due to their universal nature, many online businesses focus on selling t-shirts, including dropshipping stores and Print-on-Demand (POD) enterprises. Regardless of what type of business you run, there’s a good chance you might want to utilize Shopify when selling t-shirts. Thanks to the platform’s easy-to-use service and wide range of features. The big question is how to sell t-shirts on Shopify successfully.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the benefits of selling t-shirts. The types of shirts, what dropshipping is, and how you can sell your own t-shirt designs on your Shopify website!

How To Sell T-Shirts on Shopify – What’s It All About?

A recent report by Grand View Research stated that the custom t-shirt market was valued at $3.64 billion in 2020. This is expected to grow at a rate of 9.7% per year from now until 2028. These statistics highlight the vast nature of the market. The market has a large variety of target audiences, from companies who use t-shirts for their branding to individuals looking for customized t-shirts for personal use. So, how can you get involved in this market?

Creating an online store that offers personalized t-shirts to consumers is ideal for tapping into the t-shirt industry. Shopify’s online service makes this super easy to do. Simply create your very own wonderful online store directly within their platform. Your store has all of the functionality necessary to allow you to sell t-shirts and collect payments. Stock the t-shirts yourself or use a dropshipping model. Orders will then either be shipped by you or by the producer to the consumer. Simple!

You may be wondering whether it’s even viable to begin selling t-shirts on Shopify in 2021. Well, to put it bluntly – it’s never been a better time to do so! The barriers to entry for this niche are incredibly low. Meaning that budding entrepreneurs from various walks of life can easily set up a Shopify store. Selling t-shirts quickly and easily! Due to COVID-19 online businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers find them more appealing, meaning that now is a fantastic time to dive into selling t-shirts on Shopify.

Finally, the great thing about launching your own t-shirt store is that it does not require a lot of money. Dropshipping minimizes the risk. As the products are made to order, using a dropshipping model means that no significant initial investment is necessary. Click here to read more about the benefits of dropshipping.

How to sell t-shirts on shopify

Quality Handmade T-Shirts Designed for You

Contrado has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom-designed t-shirts – and we can leverage that experience to help you create products that your customers will love. A Print-on-Demand (POD) model means all products are made to order. What’s more, every single t-shirt we produce is handmade in our studio, ensuring a high-quality finish each time.

As we use a cut and sew technique in our t-shirt production, this allows for incredible levels of customization and sizing. You will be able to design your very own t-shirt range, featuring all-over printing and a wide selection of sizes. In addition to this, we only use the best materials, meaning that many items in our t-shirt range are available in a variety of different fabrics.

We have dedicated selections for men, women, and kids, along with separate categories for various other t-shirt niches. Oh, and did we mention that we also offer private and white labeling on our t-shirt range? This feature allows you to add your unique branding to your products – meaning you can boost brand awareness and increase sales. Cool, right?

How to sell t-shirts on shopify

Contrado and Shopify – Making Selling T-Shirts Easy

Finally understand what selling t-shirts on Shopify involves? Want to get started? We have you covered. Our tailor-made dropshipping service integrates directly with your Shopify store when you begin selling t-shirts. All you have to do is sign up for Contrado dropshipping, create your Shopify store, and then link both together. Once completed, you can then manually add each of the products you design to your store – or you can let us do the hard work for you, and we’ll automatically add each item you create to your store’s product range. To find out more about dropshipping click here.

This integration makes it super easy to dropship t-shirts on Shopify. Orders are automatically sent to us. Our experts then start handmaking your product from scratch. Everything is packaged and shipped directly to your customer.

Dropshipping is a process designed to streamline your business, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. We don’t charge any hidden fees or commissions for this service. We simply operate on a fair profit-sharing basis, allowing us to foster a mutually beneficial partnership that can last over the long term. Finally, you can even choose your own prices for all of your products – and then just sit back and let us handle the production and fulfillment side of things.

Designing and Selling T-Shirts – It’s Never Been Easier!

Selling t-shirts on Shopify intrigues you? Start selling with Contrado today. How to sell t-shirts on Shopify has never looked simpler. Click the banner now.

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