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Custom Travel Mugs

From $29.95

Was $45.00
  • Alternate Text Your artwork wrapped around the mug
  • Alternate Text Fits into a car cup holder
  • Alternate Text Made from durable plastic
  • Alternate Text Handmade in our studio with no minimum
  • Alternate Text Wholesale discounts, no minimum order
  • Alternate Text Sustainably printed
  • Alternate Text Quick delivery to all US States
Alternate Text Ships in 1 - 2 days . USA delivery from $9.95 Delivery options

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Wholesale and student discount from no minimum to bulk orders

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Product Description

Custom travel mugs
Brighten up your morning commute with custom travel mugs and enjoy your favorite drink on the go with custom travel coffee mugs. Your new custom travel mugs are a fun, functional, and stylish way to get your coffee and run. Made from sleek and glossy plastic, your custom travel mugs are strong and durable and will fit snuggly into your car cup holder. We print your designs around the body of your new personalized travel mugs, creating a completely unique product that you will love showing off. The lid secures tightly onto the personalized coffee travel mugs and features a slide opening to keep your beverage from spilling out. Wholesale discounts are available for custom travel mugs with no minimum order.

Care Instructions

In order to keep your mug looking its best at all times, we recommend cleaning it by hand using warm, soapy water. Please refrain from cleaning your mug in a washing machine. Please note that the lid is very secure but it is not fully waterproof, so please do not tip your mug upside down, or it may leak.

How it works

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Use our smart tools to get it exactly right and select the finishing options

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Preview & checkout

Confirm your designs with our 3D previews and checkout with confidence

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1-2 Days Production

Sit back and relax. Your product is on its way!

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Custom Travel Mugs

From $29.95

Was $45.00
  • Alternate Text Your artwork wrapped around the mug
  • Alternate Text Fits into a car cup holder
  • Alternate Text Made from durable plastic
  • Alternate Text Handmade in our studio with no minimum
  • Alternate Text Wholesale discounts, no minimum order
  • Alternate Text Sustainably printed
  • Alternate Text Quick delivery to all US States
Alternate Text Ships in 1 - 2 days . USA delivery from $9.95 Delivery options

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Wholesale and student discount from no minimum to bulk orders

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Check our gift cards,the perfect gift for you loved ones.

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Alternate Text More details

About Your Custom Travel Mugs

Stop buying expensive coffee to go every morning and instead design custom travel coffee mugs. These handy personalized travel mugs are perfect for those busy mornings where you do not have time to sit and enjoy your necessary coffee or tea. Design your own custom travel mugs with no minimum and we will print your artwork around the body of the personalized travel mugs, creating a one of a kind every day essential that you will not be able to live without. Made from durable and shatterproof plastic, your custom travel coffee mugs are fitted with a secure black lid that features a slide opening. This will prevent your beverage from spilling from the personalized coffee travel mugs and will also help keep the warmth in. When you design your own travel mug, the full color and long-lasting print will show off your designs beautifully, while the shape of the personalized travel mugs allows it to fit into any standard car cup holder.

At a glance

  • Strong, durable plastic
  • Wrap around design
  • Vibrant, long lasting print
  • Fits in cup holder
  • Printed in our studio

Dimensions (approximate)

  • Cup (Diameter across top) - 3.23"
  • Cup Height (With lid) - 6..06"
  • Lid Diameter (Across Top) - 3.34"
  • Handle Width (At widest point) - 1.45"
  • Handle Height (At tallest point) - 2.87"
  • Weight - 9.9 oz

Thermal Flask Dimensions (approximate)

  • Height - 6.88"
  • Top diameter - 3.14"
  • Bottom diameter - 2.56"
  • Weight - 9.2 oz

How Your Custom Travel Mugs Are Made

Your custom coffee travel mugs are expertly handmade to order at the Contrado studio. When you design your own travel mug, once your designs are submitted our print technicians carefully check it before printing it onto your custom travel mug. Our specialist print technology means that the inks penetrate the face of the personalized coffee travel mug’s glossy plastic, creating a lasting and vibrant finish that will not rub off on the custom printed travel mugs. Available in a custom printed travel mug design which although isn't thermal, the durable plastic body and secure lid will help keep your drink warm long enough for you to enjoy it, or a thermal flask option with no handle, which is lined so you can create your own travel mug to keep your drink warmer for longer. The matt black lid on the print on demand travel mugs is added to create a secure finish to your custom travel mug.

Design Tips

Your designs are printed onto the main body of create your own travel mug. It will wrap around the body of the mug, with a gap where the handle is.

The thermal flask is rounded with no handle, and you can customize the front left and right with either the same image or different designs. You can ensure that it looks perfect by playing with your design in our online interface. The surface area is quite large and is the perfect space for repeat patterns and bold and vibrant prints. We wrap the design around all of the personalized coffee travel mug so that it joins up in a line, which may have a slight blur to it. If your pattern is repetitive, it may not be able to look continuous as perfect matching is not always possible.

How does this product enhance my...


We've all been in that situation where you are in a huge rush in the mornings; whether it's for work, the school run, or both. As much as you would love to finish - or perhaps even start - your coffee, there just isn't the time. When you design your own custom coffee travel mugs, you can actually take your coffee with you wherever you go. Create a design that will give you the motivation you need in the mornings, and print it onto the beautiful, glossy custom printed travel mug. Mornings just got a little bit easier.


Consider creating promotional custom coffee travel mugs for your next business venture. These smart and stylish personalized coffee travel mugs will make the perfect corporate gift for so many different types of businesses. If you run a car dealership, offer a free printed travel mug with every sale or deposit. It's a thoughtful and useful gift that your customers will love. For independent coffee shops, why not create a line of promotional travel mugs for your most loyal customers? Whenever they bring it in, they can get a small discount on their order.

Design Brand

It can be difficult trying to think up new and exciting product lines to offer your clients. If you are a designer looking to up the ante on your portfolio, then we suggest adding these custom coffee travel mugs to the mix. They are an every day essential that your customers will love. Your artwork will be printed around the body of the custom made travel mug, creating a statement design that is sure to stand out. You will love how our printing techniques make your design look vibrant, powerful and bold.

Alternate Text Print guidelines & finishing

Print Guideline

  • DPI-Print Guideline Icon

    What's the best resolution to print in?

    We print at 200dpi, which is a good combination of quality and file weight. Ideally your image should be scaled to 100% at 200dpi, this means that no resizing of your file occurs stopping any interpolation.

  • Jpeg-Tiff Print Guideline Icon

    Should I save my file as a TIFF or JPEG?

    For multi-colored or very detailed files we recommend using a tiff format, but they must be flattened. For simple colors and low detail files, a jpeg is fine.

  • RGB-CMYK Print Guideline Icon

    Which color model should I choose? RGB or CMYK?

    We advise providing images in the RGB color space. Specifically using the sRGB image profile, to achieve best color results. What does this mean? In your editing software, choose RGB as the working space and assign the image profile as sRGB (full name sRGB IEC61966-2.1)


    What does GSM mean?

    Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is an international standard for measuring the weight of paper or fabric. GSM uses the weight of a square meter (1000 x 1000mm) as an indication of the weight and thickness of a given fabric. We class 20-100gsm as light (summer fabrics, gauzes and fine silks), 101-249 gsm as medium (most clothing fabrics) and 250+ gsm as heavy (upholstery fabrics, and other specialist fabrics).

  • Fill Bleed Areas ICON

    What are bleed areas?

    When designing your product, it’s best to make sure that your image is slightly larger than needed. In printing, the extra printed image is referred to as a “Bleed Area” or margin, and it is removed from the finished piece. A bleed area acts as a buffer for slight inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. however, it’s important to fill your bleed areas completely, or you may end up with white, unprinted strips along the edge of your finished product.

  • Transfer-Print Guideline Icon

    Do you print on garments a customer supplies?

    Unfortunately not. All our garments are printed on flat fabric, and sewn into finished products, which gives a better finished result and all-over print. We test meticulously so that we know what gets best results on our fabrics, and our facilities cater perfectly to them. We do however print sublimation paper to order, so if you have access to a heat press you can press your fabrics or flat garments easily.

  • Pattern Alignment Across Seams ICON

    Can you Align a Pattern or design across panels of a garment?

    We always strive for the greatest accuracy when printing and constructing your garments. However, due to unavoidable stretch or movement of the fabric during the stitching process, we cannot guarantee perfect pattern registration across garment seams. We are generally accurate within 2-3mm, which Is close enough for most patterns, but may show slight issues with detailed geometric patterns.

  • print label option icon

    Can I print my own Labels?

    Most of our garments now come with printable label space for you to add your own company information and branding! If you would like to sew in your own labels, we also offer Printed Fabric Labels here.

  • Eco friendly Printing

    How is your fabric printing eco-friendly?

    With environmental consciousness in mind, our fabrics are all printed using completely water based inks. This means no chemicals or solvents are used. Our heat fixing procedure fixes the colors and prints, avoiding the downsides of steaming, such as excess or contaminated water returning into the waste system. We have one facility in London where we conduct all the printing, production and fulfillment.

Please note: As we make everything by hand, all sizes may vary slightly.

Alternate Text FAQ

What will my designs look like on personalized travel mug?

Make your own travel mugs and your designs are printed with extremely high attention to detail. We print into the surface of the customized travel mug, creating a vibrant finish. HD quality combined with stunning color reproduction creates a highly professional and stand out finish.

Is the personalized travel mug waterproof?

The lid on your new customized travel mug fits very securely onto the body of the mug. It has a rubber sealant that helps keep the lid secure and also prevents leaks. The opening on the lid however is not waterproof, and if the custom travel mug is held upside down, it might leak slightly.

What is the personalized travel mug made from?

Your new print on demand travel mug is made from a durable plastic. The surface is white and glossy and very smooth to touch. The inside of the customized travel mug is made of the same plastic. The lid is made from black plastic and has a rubber sealant.

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