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Custom T-Shirts for Men


Create a variety of custom t-shirts in different fabrics, sleeve lengths, fits, and more to grab attention and express your artistic style. Every single custom t-shirt for men features an all-over design and is handmade to order in one studio.

Design Custom T-Shirts for Men

You'll get to make every decision when you design custom t-shirts for men, from the fit and materials to the neck ribbing color and your own branded label. Rather than a fixed rectangle area on the front, you can customize every centimeter of your tee, giving you limitless creative potential. 

  • Cut and sewn to order
  • Edge-to-edge all-over design
  • Best quality materials
  • Range of sizes from XXS-7XL
  • 48-hour turnaround
  • Super fast, tracked shipping
  • Customize every single aspect
  • Natural or poly-based fabric, incl. cotton
  • Sustainably made
  • Handmade to order

How Men's Custom Printed T-Shirts Are Made

Our professionals make your custom t-shirts one at a time using a variety of advanced production techniques that bond the eco-friendly inks to the clothing fibers. The fabric is expertly reproduced with your art and is then cut and sewn to order. This process enables us to provide you with an edge-to-edge design that makes your art the star of the show.

Our T-Shirt Materials

All fabrics for your men's custom printed t-shirts are responsibly and sustainably sourced. Select from natural and poly-based fabrics so that your t-shirt feels exactly how you imagine it to feel. Your tees won't feel stiff or uncomfortable. Our printing techniques will retain the original handle of the material so that your design will feel the same as the fabric itself.

Care Instructions

For easy care, your custom t-shirts for men can be machine washed at 86°F.

Design Tips

There are so many ways to design custom t-shirts for men. Use patterns, art, and images to create your masterpiece. For businesses, add your logo and company name to make t-shirts that represent your brand. Match the color of the neckline to the colors featured in your art, and finish off the tee with your very own label inside.


Which fabrics are the best for men's t-shirts?
We have a variety of fabric choices for your shirts including natural and poly-based options. They range in weight, so consider how thick you want the material of your t-shirt to be. Heavier fabrics are better for the colder months, while lighter fabrics are great for summer.

Which parts can I customize?
You can add your art all over the shirt. You'll also have options for the neckline, sleeve length, fit, fabric, label, neck tape color, and more. We offer a huge amount of customization options for you to make your t-shirt the absolute best it can be.

Do you offer plus size shirts?
Yes! You can design custom t-shirts for men in sizes up to 7XL.

What technology do you use?
We use different techniques depending on your fabric choice: from dye sublimation to reactive and pigment printing. Each produces long-lasting, incredible colors that will make your t-shirt stand out.

Where are the t-shirts made?
Every men's custom printed t-shirt is made in our studio. All of the printing, cutting, sewing, quality checking, and packaging is done here to reduce transportation carbon emissions. 

Want to Sell Custom Printed T-Shirts for Men?

Create an entire men's t-shirt line that encompasses different styles and features your art. We offer exclusive wholesale discounts so that you can sell your custom t-shirts for men through your very own website or in your store. Or, get started with dropshipping; you customize the t-shirt and we create and ship it when a customer purchases a tee through you.