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From $19
This is a non-woven, poly based material constructed like latticework. The poly based fibers are layered, and then hook punched to bond them together. Some unique qualities of our print on scroll paper are that it actually does not fray, does not crease, and is virtually indestructible. Weighing 3.5oz it’s quite a light fabric, with a solid construct, while still being opaque. It has a matte surface with texture and holds zero elasticity making it a very taut piece of material and perfect for scroll prints.
  • Max Width: 1.41yd, Weight: 3.54oz
  • Properties: Stiff, matte, opaque
  • Pressed. Non woven. Does not fray or tear
  • Scroll or paper like double sided face.

Printing on Scroll Paper

From $19

Ready To Ship In 1 - 2 Day(s).

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