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Custom Printed Candles


Relax with our range of custom printed candles, expertly handmade to order. Whether you want to relax, enjoy a romantic dinner, or add some ambience to your home, design your own candles that are perfect for you. Design the sticker and the lid for a customizable and unique candle, and choose between our luxury fragrances ranging from exotic fruits to soothing lavender.

Handmade and Sustainable

We are committed to sustainability, that's why your custom printed candles are made with 100% vegan materials including, recycled glass container, natural soy wax with rapeseed and coconut oil, a wick made from cotton with a paper core, and even eco-friendly printing inks. We are also proud to say that unlike many candle manufacturers who machine-make their candles, our bespoke candles are handmade and hand-poured by artisan candlemakers. We also only provide print on demand candles, so we produce far less waste. Now you can design your own candle and relax with a clear conscience.